10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Helmet Mount How Can I Order At 12:07

  1. Beast of a knife but an ugly profile. Gimmicky. Doesn't sell itself. Especially at its price- point.

  2. I keep a several knives in my pack.and on my person..each knife has a purpose. Skinning,,, fillet knife, pocket knives.. my knives are razer sharp 24/7.

  3. Everything on this list is 1095 or similar steel. No A2, V3 options? I've done this in the past and love not having to sharpen after a day of use.

  4. Handful of years later, no one remembers most of the knives featured in this video. But as others in the comments section have pointed out, Kabar's line of Becker knives is still going strong to this day. Likely will be, for many years to come.

  5. Bench made donates to pinko politicians who are anti 2A and anti constitution in general

    They can suck a barrel