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Hi friends. It’s me, Simply Cherie,
giving you weekly tips and tools
to get organized and get prepared.
In this video,
I’m going to show you my
home fire emergency go bag.
When there’s a fire in your home,
you want to get out, stay out,
and call for help. So if you’re
putting together this kit,
make sure that you have the basics in
place, and then you can always add to it.
If you live in an area
that is prone to wildfires,
you may want to have one
that’s a little bit different.
Also specifically for wildfires.
This video is not comprehensive about
fire safety and fire prevention,
but you do want to have a fire
safety fire escape plan in place and
practice that at least twice a year
with your family or your roommates.
And a good month to do that is September,
which is National Preparedness Month.
And also in March, which
is Spring Cleaning.
Make sure to have smoke alarms in each
of your bedrooms and in the common areas
of your home like the kitchen,
family room, and living room.
Check those smoke alarms at least once a
month that make sure that the batteries
are fresh and that it’s working.
There’s a way to test your smoke alarms.
You can also do that on the first or
15th of the month or when you pay your
electric bill. So for us,
that’s the eighth of the month.
That’s also the time I check
the air filters for our vents.
And since I’m looking up already,
that’s when I check the smoke alarms.
So this is under my bed on my side,
and this is a fire escape
kit from Go-Time Gear,
which has great reviews. So this is
what I got. Then I have this bag.
This is my emergency home fire go bag.
And then I have a pair of
shoes. So if there’s a fire,
I usually don’t have
shoes up here or slippers.
So I just have this under my
bed that I can just grab like
this. It does have a pair of socks.
These are just old shoes that are
still wearable and are still good.
So I chose to have those.
If you’re in an area where
you need more like a terrain,
then get shoes that are appropriate
for your area. This bag is from Gonex.
And I chose this because it’s
lightweight, it’s meant for day packing.
And the great thing about this is
that it already has this whistle right
there that is attached to the bag.
The other thing is that
this can fold into itself.
So it can just be like a compact bag.
I just have this unzipped
so it’s easier like that.
And then I have the handle
that I can pull out this way.
So just think of those little
things when you’re setting up,
where are you going to
put your emergency go bag.
And then we could just
flip it open. It has this.
I have it facing here where the open
latch is, and it looks like this.
This kit also has a fire resistant gloves.
A glow stick, and.
Emergency blanket. All right. So this
bag is underneath my bed like this,
and I have it facing this way
so that I can just grab the
handle up here and pull
it from under the bed.
I do have the zipper
open just a little bit.
So that’s just less things to unzip
and just make sure if you have a bag
like this with this flap that covers the
zipper that you just go ahead and open
the flap so that the zipper doesn’t get
stuck for any reason when you’re in a
hurry. Okay, then it just opens like that.
Let me show you what’s inside first.
So just like in my fire escape kit,
I have goggles and a dust mask.
This is a less expensive alternative,
but it does help a little bit
and can buy you some time.
On the outside, I just have
this. It has a compass.
It’s a paracord,
and it has a little
tool here and a whistle.
Can you see this tool?
It’s like a little knife.
Okay. So since this bag
is meant to be a day pack,
it does have some
reflectors here over here.
You can even add a
reflector sticker there.
If you want this backpack
already weighs 9.4 pounds with
everything in it. So you have to be
aware that with any type of go bag,
that you’re able to carry that amount
of weight and for however long distance
you think you will be going. So
since I live in a suburban area,
I have my car or I have friends nearby.
It may not be a long
distance that I’ll be going.
So 9.4 pounds is okay for me.
If you happen to be in an area
where you’re more secluded or
there’s a rougher terrain, you just have
to consider that, okay, on this side,
most backpacks, this is typical
where you have a place to carry a
bottle of water or a water bottle.
So this one happens to be
collapsible and it has this wrist
band here. And so once this water is out,
this can roll up and it’s pretty.
Nice. There.
On the other side has
another pocket mesh pocket.
And that’s where I keep this headlamp.
It’s the same one that we use
for the home fire escape kit.
And this particular one has
the strap that goes over your
head. So I thought that
would just be more secure,
and it also has a red light.
And it also tilts up and
down like that. Okay.
So that’s the white light brighter.
Here’s the red light flashing.
As I mentioned, we
experienced a home fire.
We had to be out of our
apartment for a week,
and we were able to stay with a friend.
So luckily we had friends in the area.
If you don’t, you have
to make plans for that.
And here in this upper
pocket that is zipped.
I just have some food.
So some dried pineapple and a couple
bars. So I figured this is good
enough for a day, you know,
one bar per meal, and then my snack.
And then in this front
pocket, it opens up like this,
and there’s a zippered mesh area
and then kind of a pocket in the
back. And so in the pocket, in the back,
I have a flashlight and a glow stick.
These I got from Costco,
but I’ll link similar products
in the description box.
And what I like about this is first,
you can put this around your neck,
it’s a flashlight.
And it also blinks like this.
And then this is just
your typical flashlight.
This one.
Is pretty strong. And then
I have my whistle. Okay.
So like I said, it’s a good thing
that, that the paracord has a whistle.
The backpack has a whistle.
And then I have a separate whistle
here that you can put around your neck.
And then in this part, I have
a portable phone charger.
Now you want to make sure that this is
charged and you have the right cables for
it. I usually have my phone next
to my bed. Almost always. I mean,
if I don’t, I’m not sure why wouldn’t so,
and then I also have a
charging station there.
So usually my phone is charged at night,
but you want to just have this in
case you’re in have to go to a shelter
or, you know, you’re away from outlets.
So you’d have something
to charge your phone with.
And then I have extra
keys for our two cars.
So you can usually get a valet key.
This one just happens to be broken,
but this is an extra set of keys.
You can get a valet key now for
other cars, like my one car,
it cannot have a valet
car. So you have to get a
second or third one like this,
and this does get expensive.
So just kind of consider that.
And then I have a debit card
here. You can also put cash.
I do need to put cash in here. I’d
say at least a hundred dollars,
because if you have to go
to a hotel or motel for the
night for a few, you know, insurance,
isn’t going to kick in right away.
So you can have a card
that’s specifically just for
emergencies. Okay. I showed
you this, that was in here.
And then.
I have a pair of fire resistant gloves,
and these are great because
it has the reflector here.
And then this is a wet
and dry bag. I figured.
Just I was lucky when
we had that apartment
fire that the fire fighters
were allowed us to go back
in to grab some clothes and toiletries
and things like that for the week,
but we weren’t allowed to go back
until it was completely fixed up.
And so I just have here a set of clothes.
I just have underwear, a top and
shorts. Depending on your season,
you may want to put pants or
even a sweater here or a jacket
that’s, you know,
lightweight but warm because you
have to consider the weight and the
capacity of your bag.
And then I just have a pair of
flip-flops and then I do have also
toothbrush toothpaste and some mouthwash,
this just very basic
convenience and hygiene. Okay.
So the great thing with this wet and
dry bag. So when my clothes are dirty,
I can just keep it in here also
versus just a regular Ziploc bag.
This is also supposed
to be water resistant.
And then I have this fireproof document
holder. They come two in a pack.
One is in my husband’s
bag. One is in mine.
And what you want to put here
are the original documents.
So hopefully you have
multiple copies of original
documents like your marriage certificate,
birth certificate ,have copies of
your passports in here and your
social security cards. So things that
are important that are, you know,
you can always get them again,
but it just takes more time.
So it’s important to have those
types of documents in here.
You may also want to have medical
documents that you need to keep for a
certain members of the family
or things for your pets. Okay.
This has a pocket here,
and this is where I keep the fire blanket.
And so you want to look at the size.
There are sizes that are meant to just,
let’s say, throw over your
stove to get a fire out.
And there are sizes that can
actually cover the whole person.
And so of course, those are
a little bit more expensive.
These can also hang on the wall and then
you could just pull it out from under
here. So here at the bottom,
I just have this family burn care kit.
And the great thing is that all
over Amazon, the big box stores,
there are different types
of kits already made.
So this is for me worth just getting this.
You can see what it contains in here,
and it’s worth it to me to get
something that’s already put together.
It has a box. It has the
basic things that you need,
and it’s specifically for
burn care. And in this pocket,
I have this water gel,
sterile gel soaked burn dressing.
I hope you enjoyed this video
and found it informative.
Let me know what you have in your home
fire emergency go bag or what you would
add to this. And I’ll see
you in the next one. Bye.

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  1. After a fire (luckily with most damage on the outside), I made a “fire go-bag” also, although I keep it at the front door. I don’t include items to get out of the house, obviously, just things to use once out. I included my husband’s medical supplies, insurance info, food bars, etc. The one thing that I really needed while outside as the fire was fought, was water. I was SO thirsty! I keep a water bottle (disposable, filled) for each member of my family. I rotate the food and water a few times per year. Now I have masks (for COVID) in there too.