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  1. 750 fps? correct me if im wrong since im not much of a gun guy but thats not really large game rabbits at best i mean ive had airsoft guns that shoot at 800 fps after i fucked with the spring and the gas a bit and even a few stock ones without bein modded shoot at atleast 600 fps infact i just recently bought an air rifle that shoots 1250 fps for 120$ so could yall explain whats so big about that gun please?

  2. I love this rifle>>ur2.pl/944 but seal came out when I took out clip a seal was with it as I removed the clip then I placed a clip to shoot and when shot it was loud as if it was not shrouded any more but it is a great pellet run great power

  3. Better late than never…the rifle as of this date has killed many large whitetail deer in the U.S. humanely and quickly. However, this rifle is NOT a 'non-powdered firearm' ; no need to cause confusion among those who seek to redefine things. A 'firearm' by definition in any statute is a weapon which deploys a projectile by force of a contained explosive propellant. Such propellants are smokeless cordite/nitros powder, black powder or black powder substitute.