8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Holder Buy At Discount Price At 17:43

  1. Magnifying lense would be great to put in a fire kit.
    I got mine at a school I work at.
    They came from a old overhead projector that was no good.
    If its free it will be good to have for the common man on a budget.
    A lot of survival videos is leaning to buy the best when you can get most for free or little cost.
    Last weekend I tried one out, It worked like a charm.
    I got several was to start a fire in my kit.

  2. Great instruction on the use of a magnifying glass to start a fire. Also, as pointed out there are a lot of variables in this method but, if conditions are right it can provide good results if there aren't that many options available. Thanks and keep on sharing the knowledge.

  3. If you carry a lens, then also carry a little hunk of char cloth with it, because a lens lights char cloth easily.

  4. I know this is an old video but getting a credit card sized Fresnel magnifying lens (at least 3x magnification) works great and you can keep it in your wallet. Just an FYI for someone stumbling onto here 🙂