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If you’ve ever broken down on the side of
the road, you’ll know what a real pain that
can be, especially if you don’t have the right
tools to hand.
Hi, I’m Mark Corke from BoatUS Magazine.
Today I’m going to walk you through some of
the tools that I consider essential that I
keep in my tow vehicle.
Ratchet straps are great for securing the
boat to the trailer, and it’s a good idea
to keep a few spares so that if you lose one
or you need to tie some extra equipment down
you’ll have it to hand.
Although you may not have the necessary skills,
keeping a spare set of bearings in the vehicle
is a good idea because even then if you do
break down and somebody comes to help you,
you’ll be able to give them the bearings.
So there’s a few other small things Iike to
keep in here that take no space whatsoever
— some disposable work gloves to keep my
hands clean, paper towels, and some trash
The trash bags are really useful obviously
for putting trash in, but also if you’ve got
to take the spare wheel off, you can put the
tire inside the trash bag.
You need to make sure that we’ve got a spare
wheel for the trailer and also make sure that
it’s correctly inflated.
I like to use a tire-pressure gauge like this
one, and while you’re at it, check the tow
vehicle as well.
When you break down, it’s usually raining
and it’s dark.
So a headlamp or a flashlight is a great addition
so at least you can see and be seen while
you’re changing that tire.
In your toolbox should be the BoatUS App.
You can call for a tow, both on the road and
on the water.
Obviously it’s no good having a spare wheel
unless you can undo the wheel nuts.
I like to use a lug wrench like this one,
and don’t forget while you’re at it, you need
some chocks to stop the trailer going for
a ride while you’re changing the wheel.
If you’ve got a twin-axle trailer, this is
a very, very handy tool.
Basically after loosening the wheel nuts on
the bad tire, you drive the good tire onto
the ramp, and that lifts the bad wheel clear
of the ground and it’s easy to change then.
Safety is paramount when you break down on
the side of the road, so road flares and a
warning triangle are great things to keep
together so that you can be seen.
A 12-volt portable compressor is a great thing
to keep in your tow vehicle.
This one plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter
outlet, but you’ll also need an extension
cord that you can reach all the tires on your
vehicle and on your trailer.
A portable jump starter pack like this one
does more than just give you juice to your
It also incorporates a hazard warning light
and you can even plug in your phone to recharge
Once you’ve got all your bits of kit together,
pack them in a waterproof plastic tote like
this one is a great idea.
So these are the things I like to keep in
my tow vehicle.
How about you?
We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.
And if I’ve missed anything, we’d like to
hear about that, too.
Don’t forget to subscribe to our BoatUS YouTube
channel, and for more information, tips, and
techniques, go to BoatUS.com.
Thanks for watching.

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Tactical Flashlight Holder For Belt How Can I Purchase

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  1. Having spare wheel bearings are great to have but they need to either be prepacked with grease or you need to have sufficient grease in your kit to pack them. I also carry a couple of spare locking pins for the ball hitch.

  2. A tubeless flat tire repair kit that can help you get home or to a tire repair place. Cost around $5-10.