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  1. 1. Glock 27/26
    2. Personal full tang knife
    3. 5.11 penlight that runs on 2 AAAs
    4. C39V2 milled AK47 (I wish I had an underfolder)
    5. Crow bar. It can be used for "social work", opening cars, houses, and just about anything else. It is a steel bar for goodness' sake.

    Honorable mentions: ka-bar kukri machete, first aid kit, and camel back

  2. For me it would have to be: Remington 870, Buck Skinning knife (don't know the name), Back pack (inexpensive used ALICE), Stainless steel water bottle, and Crow Bar. I am also somewhat rural but suburbia, and the crow bar will get me in most doors. Also I only thought of what I actually own, because I'm not a poser.

  3. i have a flashlight that has been beat up pretty bad but it works fine and it has a high, a low, and a strobe setting. and it takes AAA

  4. I would go with a 10/22. while it is a little lacking on the power ammo is extremely common and it's so versatile. or any 12 gauge because again, common round and it's so versatile.

  5. nice gear but this seems like a defence items list not so much shtf scenario and more a self defence one. Also 223 for hunting deer thats evil most will frown upon it even for goats..

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  7. battle belt is kind of cheating… not really 5 items, unless it’s empty. That’s like me choosing my BOB fully loaded and counting that as one item.