6 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Holsters How Can One Shop At 17:38

  1. Great video. I own a Maratac aaa but since I live outside USA, it was a nightmare to purchase due to the fact that Countycomm does not accept foreign credit cards and ended up been very expensive with the addition of the insane shipping costs. Nevertheless, the light is great but rather purchase a ti3 instead next time. Similar products but much less hassle from Thrunite.

  2. thought thrunite said 120 max
    you like cool white or neutral if you were hard pressed to choose one?

  3. Thanks for the review. It is exactly what I was looking for. I have been looking to get a AAA or AA flashlight for a while and was on the fence but leaning toward Maratac, the only way to get a good feel for the functionality and the feel of the flashlights is to buy one and try it out for a while. OR find a good and informative review like this one. For example, I knew that the firefly modes are occasionally to dim to be of any real use, But I would not have known how bright it should be to function well without this video. The pocket clip information is also invaluable. If it rides with you daily, It better be a good and serviceable pocket clip. Your video helped me make an informed decision and will help me justify spending the extra money for a bit more quality and functionality. T
    I have been thinking about getting either the Maratac AAA extreme REV 3 or AAX2 TACTICAL MARATAC™ FLASHLIGHT REV 3. I think now that I might need 2 (plus the shipping is a flat 10 so If i am going to get it, I should get them together. Do you have any information or know of any reviews for the AAX2 TACTICAL MARATAC™ FLASHLIGHT REV 3?
    Thanks again for the review.

  4. I've been carrying the Maratac AAA Extreme V3 Copper every day for a year now and the run time is amazing. The new Thrunite claims 162 Lumens. Would be nice to see another comparison.

  5. Dude at 30 below zero your problem is going to be the battery. They are not designed to operate at that temperature. I wouldn't worry to much about the mode switch.

  6. I have both and found the Thrunite UI of Low-Med-High very annoying where as the Maratac UI of Med-Low-High is much more usable. My first Thrunite lasted about three months then just quit working, my second is still working but has been regulated to backup when I got the Maratac. The Maratac has been my edc for about two years, it's beat to crap but has never failed. Best flashlight I've ever owned!