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  1. Great video. Mike has some serious bow building knowledge and skill. Wonderful to witness true talent. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Awesome video thank you great content , sadly there is some cry babies here because the bow didn’t get a shoot lol mummy’s boys . The craft on making the arrow was great 👍 maybe those sooks might have learnt something or maybe not. Mummy’s boys after all. Love the videos and love to see more thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with us , much appreciated cheers. 👍

  3. flights taking skin off your fingers is a problem i did not anticipate when using the bows iv made recently when i made them as a child i often did not bother with flights and when i did my bows were not very powerful but with a English longbow type bow with no handle and getting up above about 40-50lb its actually quite a big issue particularly if you mostly use improvised fights made from duct tape or tinfoil got a nasty infection by reusing arrows over and over again and the dirty arrow cutting me again each shot. just wearing gloves is a easy fix tho.

  4. What the kinda hell dilery dundilong bs is this? Make a bow and arrow and then don't even bother to shoot it??

  5. you guys don't understand but I remember watching his videos make bows and arrows with his calm voice when I was in 5th grade thinking he was the coolest dude in the world. I still do think he is the coolest dude.

  6. I would have liked to see some shooting with the bow he made and the arrows too. I also would like to know the poundage of the bow and weight of the arrow.