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Ok guys it’s finally happened, after years
of resisting I’ve decided to submit to the
unboxing subculture on the Youtube.
Going Gear has a newish, by that I mean it’s
like getting close to a year old now, EDC
club where they send you a parcel in the mail
full of new things to remove from the packaging.
You may have seen cutlery lover make this
same video in November.
In between old favorites of unboxing culture
like heavy breathing, gentle crinkles of paper
covered bubble wrap, sweating, dandruff sprinkles,
and observations of the same shit you’re
currently seeing here you get: Some stickers,
for your war chest of bladed weapons.
Better hide those before your brother gets
A rite in the rain notebook for your poetry.
Remember tears are technically rain too.
A rain of sorrow.
An important ingredient of maintenance bro
starter kit- a keychain.
The heroclip, for keeping your nutsac off
the ground while in the shitter.
Speaking of poetry.
And the Ray Laconico designed Kizer Gemini.
Ok it’s not really an unboxing video, just
more barely acceptable knife review cringe.
Or according to Facebooks rules on advertising,
promoting the sales of weapons.
Last weekend I tried to submit my version
of a popular meme, and got my advertising
account suspended.
Facebook is smart enough to deny a menace
to society a way to spend advertising dollars,
but not smart enough to remove the “promote”
from my Instagram feed.
Lets take a look at the dimensions of the
Gemini like the overall length and weight.
What’s your favorite part of packaging?
Blade Size and cutting edge.
Do you prefer classy full color or gross brown
Handle size and grip area.
There’s nothing that says I don’t believe
in my product like brown cardboard, and monochromatic
warranty cards.
Spine Thickness and Handle thickness.
Also it’s pretty depressing when each separate
part isn’t covered in plastic.
If I see any wear on the product, before I
introduce my own- I send it right back.
Maybe several times till it’s perfect.
So Going Gear sent me this knife as part of
their EDC club a few months ago.
It’s $60 bucks a month, different stuff
every time- at least 2 things per shipment…
and and when you add the stuff up by themselves
they always cost more than the price you’re
getting the club for.
Hey there’s even a full color printed card
for that- to spend 3 minutes talking about.
So, Ray designs about 400 knives a year and
the Gemini is one of them.
It features a stonewashed flat ground drop
point blade made from N690.
N690 is a Bohler steel like M390, but doesn’t
have the edge retention M390 does and which
is why it often finds itself in the poor person’s
sub 100 blades.
The blade is thin and a pretty good slicer,
so a fairly good for occasional meal prep
and general every day carry stuff like say
for example wonderful unboxing videos, on
your Youtube channel.
The blade pops out quickly during deployment
thanks to the ball bearing system.
Hit the tab and pe-chow.
The tab isn’t uncomfortable, and is gimp
free- sorry jimp free, remember when it used
to be gimping?
Lock disengagement from the liner lock is
a little sloppier with a touch of lock stick,
and the blade doesn’t quite fall close when
While my viewers aren’t used to Nitpick
Knife Bro, the QSP Woodpecker review is still
fresh in my mind, and that blade which costs
twice had more of that fall shut smoothness
shit, that everyone thinks is so important
Blade retention when closed is nice thanks
to a decently strong detent so you can’t
fling it open.
The G10 handle scales over skeletonized stainless
steel liners provide a nice grippy feeling,
sorta on the aggressive side.
The handle grip tapers and while it’s smaller
than I like- since the handle tapers instead
of curves back, it’s friendlier to larger
hands than other small knives.
The pocket clip isn’t deep carry and about
6/10ths of an inch protrudes from the top
of your pocket while carrying it.
The pocket clip is strong, but it’s a smooth
and tumbled feeling stainless steel so it
slides in out of the the pocket pretty well,
but should hold in there during cartwheels.
Pocket clip isn’t moveable, tip up blade
backward in the right pocket, is where you
might find it.
First the Gemini.
It’s a simple functional design that feels
comfortable when fondling or using and that’s
not massive but feels big in the hands.
Yes we’re still talking about a pocket knife.
However it’s not the sassiest Laconico.
My other Laconico knife is the shimmering
and exquistly purple keen.
The Keen is twice as much, and it’s a nicer
looking knife to me with a better steel.
The Keen is made by We.
Now the Para Military 2, one of the best general
purpose modern pocket knives you can buy,
this costs about $150 and has a compression
I like compression locks better than liner
locks or frame locks, they’re fun to fidget
with and keep your fingers out of the way
of the blade when closing.
Which brings us to the Para 3, a smaller version
of the para Military 2.
In some ways the Gemini has a better handle
for larger hands- it’s grip tapers rather
than curves into an area for your hand.
Ok let’s wrap it up.
The main point of the review is that in reality
you shouldn’t be spending your time watching
Youtube videos… but also the Going Gear
EDC club is a pretty good value for people
starting out their kits, or for people who
just like more of what they already have.
Big stacks of pocket knives and new takes
on the caribbeaner sitting around the apartment.
The Kizer Gemini is a pretty decent knife
that held it’s edge very well while I was
skinning my new walking stick.
If you don’t follow me on Instagram you
really should, because I’ll be giving this
knife away very soon over there.
Remember Facebook owns Instagram, and both
have major problems in how they use your data;
not to mention they apply arbitrary rules
that try to offset the negative publicity
from the rot of the social effects that their
algorithms have created, and then there’s
also some scientific studies have shown strong
links between social media use and depression-
but you could win a $70 pocket knife so it’s
totally worth it.
Say Hi to my Patrons, I’ve lost some and
I’ve gained some but I’ve loved them all…
and I love my viewers too.
Without you I’d just be another blowhard
on Youtube pissing into the algorithmic rankings.
I mean I am, but one people like to watch.
Like, subscribe, comment, click the bell.
Buy a shitty t-shirt- someone did in January.
One in the whole month.
Thank you anonymous person!
Thanks for watching!

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  1. I, too, enjoy your sense of humor. You remind me of a wittier, drunker, more cynical Fred Savage brain voice.
    … who also loves to cut stuff.

  2. My fav part of packaging is the air from other countries thanks for the review seems to be good value for money

  3. HEY! You let that baby play with the knife if it wants to!! What are you trying to do?? Traumatize it with discipline and reality?? WTH?

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