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  1. Not if its a quality compass. I've stored plenty of compasses inside and around metal with no problems. As long as when your using it, you do it away from metal or other magnetic items. Storing them around magnetic items will screw them up though. Thanks for watching

  2. Good series. I've thought about caches but haven't put any together. Thanks.

  3. I built two cashes and dug them up about 2 years later. Both were ruined by water containers that froze and burst. They were buried 10 inches deep in North Texas so I thought they would be safe from freezing. So, my recommendation is no water of any kind and you should also consider using descant.

  4. I agree , it gets -15 here , and i lose some water storage every year, I have 2 platypus 1 liter containers in my cache and a kataydyn hiker pro filter, plenty of snow to melt for water up here in the winter , lols

  5. @BlackScoutSurvival I am in mid process of building one of these as we speak in preparation to walk home from work. My home is 20 miles from my work and I transverse a multitude of terrains as well as going from an urban to country back to urban then finally back to country. Gray man is key in every step of my planning, however simply relying on country wooded locations eliminates 50% of the possible locations to hide additional caches. Also relying on a bank or business to be open in a WROL scenario in order to stash additional supplies seems to be a bit dangerous. Is there other suggestions that you have that will allow me to still place an urban cache that can at least have a good chance to go unmolested.

  6. I love your vids! One question: any thoughts on water purification tabs? I may have missed you mention it in other vids, but I'm not sure. Thanks for the content.