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Hello and welcome to ePIG
Today we want to present you the
Thyrm Darkvault
ON the modern battlefields, electronics are more and more important
Smartphones, GPS, Windmeters
everything is connected to each other
ballistic calculators and much more electronics
is necessary and needed on the battlefields.
You need to get a direct access to them,
which means that they need to be stored somewhere on the kit
There are already options available from Juggernaut
which we displayed here. This is the Juggernaut case
which is pretty much just a clip
where you could clip in your smartphone
so pretty much like a case for your smartphone.
Which allows you to fold your smartphone down to do what you need to do, and fold it back up.
There is an extension available as well
where you will have a nav board in front of you
where you could attach your garmin gps,
and a compass
We have today from Thyrm the Darkvault
which is made to protect
the same electronics
Compared to the Juggernaut case
the Thyrm case is a completly closed case
Its totally closed case which as you can see
is also bigger than the Juggernaut case.
But what shouldn’t be forgotten is
you could fit a smartphone and a GPS in it
and a compass.
Its like an all in one solution, and gives you more space
than the Juggernaut will.
Talking about the size let’s measure it.
That you will have a idea of the dimensions.
width is 18cm/7,08″
depth is 4cm/1,57″
What is missing?
The length
length is 12cm/4,72″ without the clip
with clip in total 14cm/5,5″
The case is waterproof
that means, there is a rubber seal all around
that neither dust or water could harm your devices
On the inside you don’t have any options to
attach devices via velcro or something else
Therefore you’ll get 3 velcro panels which will be sent with.
One will go on the left side
the other one on the right side
all of them have a glue backside, easy to adapt
And the third one is made to go on the outside
Where you see the Thyrm logo
you could put this velcro patch on top of it
to put a patch or something like this on it.
The case could be easily attached
to your kit
you have on the backside of it
a clip, which could be totally removed from the case
that gives you the possibility to easily mount it,
without the case being in your way,
to your MOLLE, once your done
just clip the case back on
and lock it in on the top of the case.
Here you can see how it looks like when its mounted
you see the models in sand
FDE color, already with a paint job done to it
and that’s how it could look alike on your plate carrier.
Further you could see.
What could be the problem with a bulky case like this
and you are wearing a shorter plate carrier
Your magazines won’t be tight to your body anymore.
They will be more exposed and go away form you.
If you want to open the case its kind of suboptimal
The case is relatively huge and you shall make your mind
if you really want that
or if you could store the devices
in your existing kit.
With the Spiritus Systems plate carrier,
which has the chest rig attached lower, it shouldn’t be
a problem and shall work, but still will give you harder access to your magazines.
What else to tell you about this case
on top of it, you will find
that will give you
the opportunity to lock the case
via a zip tie or something else
There is another version of
this case available.
Its this one
They look exactly the same
but this one is made to
block devices
this means.
We have GPS signals,
mobile signals and
We will now put a phone in there to test if
the signals will be blocked.
All calls are deleted
WIFI is on as well as
regular mobile signal
I put it in the case
Ok gonna close it .
Stefan please call me
Damn now everyone heard my name
Ok we open it back up
And it should be
going again.
So how you could see the phone was blocked.
We also tested it with WhatsApp.
Which means WIFI was on. And the messages went through
So WIFI won’t be blocked. But if You turn WIFI off and just use
the regular phone signal,
nothing will get through
We don´t have a GPS available now, but it should also be blocked by the case
Its also depending on where the next
radio mast is. If you are very close to it
there might be a chance that it will get through
But I’m very optimistic that the case will block it.
Conclusion is that the Thyrm darkvault
is a cool case to store your devices safe
You’ll get bump protection, water and dust proof
and everything will be organized pretty good
in front of your chest.
For me personally its a big to big and bulky to mount it on the chest
I prefer fast access to the magazines
So I gonna stay with my Juggernaut case
cause i don’t really need a GPS. But for some of you
it might be interesting. Other option will be, if you carry a backpack
with MOLLE that you could mount it there.
Than you could store devices, for which you don’t need fast access to,
easy and safe.
One last thing what i forgot to tell you.
When you open the case it will stop open at about 90°
you could open it further but with resistance.
The resistance on how hard or easy to open the case
could be adjusted
via this lever. If I screw it loose its easy to open
when I tighten it its harder to open it.
Now its a bit harder to open.
That’s what i forgot to tell.
The Thyrm Darkvault you could actually get in the UK at
Tacticalkit UK, like shown in the link
If you have further questions to this product,
please write them in the comment section.
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  1. Hatte mir überlegt das zu kaufen. Jedoch ist es doch schon extrem groß.
    Gibt es für das juggernaut Bezugsquellen in Deutschland?

  2. Maaaaaaannnn wie kann es sein dass ich nicht eure Channel nicht kannte !!!!! Voll den guten Inhalt habt ihr. Allerdings ich suche jetzt einen adminpouch für mein nächsten Einsatz aber den juggernaut case und de thrym vault entweder zu teuer sind oder zu gross…..ich denke ich werde mit dem 5.11 flex Admin pouch gehen.
    Sofort abonniert an euren Channel….weiter so Jungs !!!!!