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  1. could you let me know where you get your hardware and the size of eyelets and mounting hardware. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the help and inspirations, I ordered my first set of Kydex, eyelets and hand setter the other day. I am excited to give it a go. Again thanks to you and all the others that spend the time to make videos and share there knowledge, allowing me to learn and do it too.

  3. Would like to buy Leatherman wave sheath that also holds mini maglite do you sell them ?

  4. What rivets are you using? I would love to those on another project I am doing.

  5. i like the way you sheaths came out, how do you get such great definition every time?

  6. hey man I was wondering if you still make the sheaths for the Rebar, if so how much would you do it for? Thanks

  7. I take it I'm the only one that realizes that you sound like Christian Slater? lol.

  8. Hi Nick! Been a while!! My kydex sheath for my Esee Izula and Mini Bic are still going strong!
    I have a good buddy who is looking for someone who can do a custom kydex sheath for a leatherman MUT with 2 sets of bits. Wondering if you've done something like this yet?! And if you are interested? Around how much $?! Thanks Again!!

  9. Nice sheaths! The problem is, once you will – what i recomend you – own a Victorinox Swisstool, you will throw all your Leathermans to the rubish. 😏 Thumb up for the vid and the nice work on the sheaths 👍🏻