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  1. Hey, Chris. Good kick to the seat of the pants. I've lost 40# since Christmas, gained a bit back, and need to get back into gear. But, I'm not "in shape." Can't carry my 4 year old as far as I'd like to be able to. Went swimming recently, and my arms gave out at around 50-60 feet. Losing weight is a key component. My knees hurt less, my back hurts less, I'm sleeping better…but, I've got a ways to go. All the gear in the world won't help if I can't carry it from Point A to Point B. Thanks for the challenge. All the best.

  2. For most preppers, their biggest risk is a heart attack — not WROL. Most who join health clubs stop going. It is extremely cheap to lift a few barbells; I got mine in 8th grade. I've jogged outside 3 miles per day for 33 yrs. When it is too icy or windy or the snow is too deep, I shovel snow or go hiking. I do 400 situps per day at home. Anybody can stop smoking and drinking, save money, and feel better. My main cost is a hundred bucks per year for new running shoes.

  3. You seem to know your own mind pretty well. I think the point you make about having to be honest with yourself is a particularly good one when it comes to addressing problems and effecting change.

    Long story short, I suffer with depression and have good insight into the way my mind works and the problems I have, as I was told by my psychologist at the time (I no longer see a psychologist).

    The nasty thing with depression is that your mind basically turns on you (on a chemical level). While your conscious mind tries to build positive habits and thought processes, the little gremlin that is depression comes along and knocks them down.

    Just thought you might find this perspective interesting as someone that is into exploring thought processes. I found this video really interesting and I think it is great that you are sharing something that inspired you with others.

  4. This may upset some people, before science found out the brain/mind was 'plastic' and neural pathways could be rewired, altering thought patterns and habits, it is written –
    "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." Romans 12:2
    "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21
    As in, try not to get rid of bad habbits, without replacing them with good habbits.
    Otherwise another bad habbit will replace the first!

  5. This is an important video that will be hard for a lot of people to take. It's important to survive real life before trying to survive in an emergency. All of the gear and fire-making skills in the world won't get you out of heart disease.

  6. As a child I was called "husky". It was ground into me that I was fat. Even as a teen when I tried to diet I was shut down by the paternal side of my family. It sucked so bad that it became my identity. Every year I weighed more, and more.
    Three years ago I was going in for knee, and they weighed me. I was stunned to see 461 lbs. Lack of mobility in the years following only made that number grow until this year. I finally decided that my past was not going to define me.
    I decided to give up sweet tea January 1st, and my pants started to feel loose. In March I decided that I wanted to loose more weight, so I started walking, and consulted a doctor about lap band surgery. To weigh me they had to send me to a local veterinarian's office. That was about as low as I've ever felt. It read 464 lbs.
    In the mean time I gave up rice, and started doing the keto thing. I've lost a little more than 30 lbs, and just joined a gym. I'm not going to look back except to see how far I've come. I plan to get down to 200; it's my long term goal. Until then I'll try to make myself a better person.
    I'll check out this book for sure. Thanks for this channel. I hope one day to go out, and put some of these ideas to good use. In the mean time I'm doing what I can every day.

  7. Very very good video Chris ! very informative indeed, and people need to address this and themselves ! I'ts to easy to say ' i have got the best this ! i have got the best that ! 'But if you have not got the most important thing 'HEALTH' you have nothing ! all the so called best things you have will be of little to no use, HEALTH ! Check yours ?