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best flashlights for preppers 5 choices USB LED rechargeable flashlight shining buddy headlamp Eton scorpion emergency radio flashlight Suboos usb power bank flashlight lantern
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper what are the five best flashlights for Preppers prepping for
emergencies well I’m going to share with
you the 5 flashlights that I think are most
important to me I’m the type of prepper
that I want to have everything that I
need for emergency situations but I’m not the type of survivalist that I must have the most expensive
state-of-the-art prepping survival emergency gear most of us can’t
afford to do that type of prepping and
it isn’t always necessary the most
expensive thing isn’t always what you
need the first flashlight that I think
is important for prepper prepping needs is a USB rechargeable
flashlight they’re very small they’re
very sturdy and they can go with you
anywhere you can pick them up for very
few dollars you can keep them in your
Bug Out Bag next to your bed in your car
you can give them to your children these
small USB rechargeable flashlights are
not only extremely handy they’re sturdy
and they’re very bright it has a very
bright setting it has a dim setting it
has a flash and an off setting so this flashlight is versatile for just that purpose the lens cap is adjustable
adjustable lens because you can zoom it from wide down to a pinpoint light and you
can do all kinds of wide light settings in between by sliding the lens cap open and shut up and back unscrew the base of he USB LED rechargeable flashlight and
there’s a USB port that allows you to
recharge USB LED rechargeable flashlight it just about anywhere screw the cap back on
back on and your USB port is protected from the weather getting bumped it has a cord
that’s very sturdy you can hook it on
your wrist you can attach it to your Bug Out Bag
bug out bag hang it from the strap of your
purse so that you have a flashlight handy if
you’re walking at night or you’re
looking for something you dropped down in
your car or a restaurant this is my
favorite flashlight and I
been very pleased USB LED rechargeable flashlight I have several of them
for several years and they all continued
to be top-notch and continue to perform
as I would have expected the next
must-have flashlight in my opinion is a
headlamp a headlamp it’s extremely
versatile because if you’re out in the
dark or your power is out and you need
to complete tasks such as cooking or
pitching your tent or hiking and finding
your way you can put this around your
head you can adjust it so that it points
the direction that you want press the on off switch button and the headlamp flashlight has different flashlight settings it
has a bright white light a dim white light a red light I made a video about why you might want a red light flashlight for
camping and emergencies and I’ll put a
link to that video so that you can see
more about that the headlamp also has a flashing red light which is great for emergency
situations if you need your hands-free
for any kind of a task then you need a
headlamp flashlight as part of your emergency prepper must have flashlight collection the next most
important flashlight that I think is
good for prepping and for survival is an
Eton scorpion emergency radio flashlight
not only is it a flashlight but it’s a radio the Eton
scorpion emergency flashlight radio has a wind-up feature so you can crank it up if you need to it has a
built-in solar panel to charge it up it
also has a USB port so that you can
charge up your cell phone or other
electronics you may have that fit that
standard size USB port it has a carabiner clip to attach it to your gear bottle opener and a very nice
feature of an am/fm emergency radio the Eton scorpion emergency flashlight radio is in
my opinion a must-have for not only an
emergency flashlight but also for
emergency communication because of the features of the radio the next must-have
flashlight is actually a little Suboos usb power bank flashlight lantern I found this one it’s
by Suboos but there are other usb power bank flashlight lanterns that are
like it when you open the box the
rechargeable lantern has five included
batteries and has a USB cord an s clamp
carabiner the Suboos usb power bank
flashlight lantern LED lantern emergency flashlight has four settings it has a very bright white light
a regular white light a red light and a flashing red light the bright white lantern setting lasts for 11 hours and
gives off 185 lumens it’s enough to
light up your cabin or your tent and you
could even read by it the regular white
light lasts for 15 hours and gives 60
lumens and the red light will last 19
hours look at this uh boost you can see
on the front there’s a button which also
works to tell you when it’s charged
it’ll be blue and when it’s charging
it’ll be red when you’re using it if it
turns to red it means you need to charge
it up if you look on the back there’s
the flip open spot for the USB cord you
can see you can use both ends of your
USB cord plug the small end of your cord
in to the Suboos usb powerbank
flashlight lantern and the other end of the cord into
your computer into a wall socket adapter
also charge it up from a solar charger I
have a solar panel by Anker and I can
set this Suboos usb powerbank
flashlight lantern out in the Sun plug it in to the Anker solar panel it’s
hard to see but the little red light is
on indicating that it’s charging
I haven’t activated any of the batteries
yet so you can see I can still use Suboos usb powerbank flashlight lantern
when I plug it into an external power
source which makes this extra convenient
in all kinds of situations it’s an emergency light that is convenient to know that if you have the
little external battery banks you can
plug this Suboos usb powerbank
flashlight lantern in even if all the batteries
are missing or have been used up you can
still use
your USB rechargeable lantern with the
extra battery pack then you can turn the
cord around plug in your phone you can
use the power bank stored within your
lantern to charge up your phone in a lot
of emergency situations the first
utility that comes back on line is the cell
phones because all of the emergency
personnel need to use that as well if
you turn Suboos usb powerbank
flashlight lantern over you can see there’s an
arrow sticker on the base twist this off
you can see where the two rechargeable
batteries are the two rechargeable
batteries the number on them is
one eight six five zero battery 18650
then if you look at the top of the emergency lantern flashlight the top of it unscrews and
you can see that’s where three double A
batteries AA are all the batteries are
already included in this bright Lantern
you can see that it comes already
charged up ready to go you can use the
on/off switch on the front you can pick
it up and then you all you have to do is
lift the lid up and it comes on with the
bright light the next flashlight I think
everyone should have are these little
lights that look like a light switch
they are incredibly handy and most of us
have say a power outage at home so if
you walk into the room and you go to
flip the light switch and it doesn’t work you can have this flashlight that looks like a light switch next to your wall switch and
flip it up and you still have a light
switch in your room I put some of these
battery-operated light switches emergency lights flashlight in dark
closets I put one with my gun safe I
Hung one on the side of my refrigerator
because they also have magnets in them
and then if you’re in the kitchen and
the power goes off you can reach around
and flip it on and you have an emergency light flashlight from a battery light switch I also use one of these battery emergency flashlight light switches to make a dome light
overhead light in my Jeep because it’s so old it didn’t have a dome light and I fastened
one of these battery light switches with a dimmer function switch flashlight up in the jeep and now it works great as a light in the car jeep these battery flashlight light switch emergency lights are so versatile it’s
unbelievable you can put them anywhere
around in your home or with your camping prepping prepper emergency survival
gear you mount them with velcro you can
hang them on a hook or a nail and
they’re also magnetic so you could place
the battery light switch emergency light on the side of your refrigerator on
your toolbox on your gun safe and in
your car and these are going to be there
for you whenever you need a flashlight light in an emergency these are my five top choices
for flashlights that I want to have for
emergencies for prepping preppers needs and just
everyday use whether you’re out camping
your hunting your going to be doing any
off-grid living or your power goes out lights out no electricity load shedding
at home these are all very handy very
useful emergency flashlights lights in a multitude of situations
leave me a comment on what’s your favorite flashlight and why you think so
if you enjoyed my video I hope you’ll share it with someone else you think would like it
learn more at alaskagranny.com and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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