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  1. it's good because it's easy to hold in your mouth ….. strange thing about when they sell it ….. the black one is $7 … but when you want a different color now your gonna pay like $10 because $1 dollar goes to a particular charity and $2 i don't know where that goes … i chose red … so … $1 went to diabetes foundation but it could also have gone to a firefighters charity … you have to choose and it'll say it on the light … great for MICRO E.D.C. … … but i haven't had the experience yet of buying its batteries but i'm not too worried …

  2. Probably very cool back in early 2013, but now there are keychain lights not much bigger than this that put out a blinding 300 lumen (max, not only) so for anyone just seeing this in 2016, the best keychain flashlight on the market is the SureFire Titan Plus. It has 3 settings – I always forget the first two, but I think they are 30, 125, and 300. Maratac also makes a AAA model that puts out 300 lumen as well. Those are the best two now.

  3. Is there any warning about shining in eyes??😭🤣 Does it run for more than 2 mins before the heat cuts power from 10 lumen down to 3 lumen after heat sensor activates?😂 It's really cute! It is 10 lumen for those that are curious.. perfect for bar tender or anyone that works with light light and needs to see things without distracting others. I'm ordering 4 as gifts..super sweet lil light!