9 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Id Unturned Where Can One Buy At 1:40

  1. Dude, even the ex-jarhead who works for Condor didn't do as good a job as you at reviewing this pack. Well done. Keep up the good work.

  2. As ex-Infantry 506th and 327th, and been through Korean monsoon season, i cant see this keeping the water out.. You cant pack a ruck like that and expect the clothes to stay dry, no fukkin way. Water eventually comes in somehow, zippers, seams, the nylon itself.. When you have to cross a river or creek your ruck can actually get half submerged, especially swamp missions. Youd have to pack all those clothes into a rubber bag…then eveything in the rubber bag has to be in ziplock bags in case the rubber bag has a hole in it. Been there done that

  3. I love this bag. I use it every day. I carry my work gear in it. it is very strong. I fell off my fork lift I drug it a little bit under my lift and it held up very well

  4. This video was exactly what I needed! I was driving myself crazy looking for a 30 to 50 liter molle/hydration compatible pack that was big enough for over night to five day trips but still small enough to be an airport carry-on and within a reasonable price range. Thank you! This is the pack for me.

  5. Tengo la versión china marca Roithco de 60 l y te aseguro que es grano por gramo mucho mejor a la original. Indestructible material y confección