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  1. I fish bottom a lot. You dont need to set the hook…they ALWAYS swallow it. Especially if you just throw a line out and let it sit for awhile…come back later..

    This is a cool system, but its overly complicated and wouldnt be any more effective.

    Considering time and effort to set this deadfall up…I could anchor and throw out 20-30? hooks all over the river, maybe even a couple native american fish traps in the time it would take you to set this deadfall up once.

  2. You can also do a combination of a bobber and a sinker, use a sinker to keep it anchored and then a tiny underwater bobber that will lift the bait from the bottom and thereby improve your chanses that a fish will spot it, that way you get the best of both worlds, a bobber that holds the bait at the desired depth without drifting away

  3. I'm all about this next time I go out fishing. I ought to set a bunch of these against my brother fishing with his rod, see who comes out on top. Great Vid as always Rob, you guys whoop survival ass. keep 'em coming.

  4. I think this is such a great idea! I must honestly say… whenever I type in my subject “Sigma 3 Survival” almost always has something and it’s so easy to follow. I’ve decided to subscribe today and activate notifications. Keep the videos coming pls! Thanks!!😊

  5. i really like the idea good video however i could not see properly when u was setting it up,The camera needed to be closer thanks shaz

  6. Here's a thought:
    When the trap is sprung that dead-fall weight has to straighten out all the line before it can set the hook.
    If a wire crook (meat skewer?) was driven into the ground so that the bend of the wire/skewer went over the line then the force of the dead-fall weight would go straight to the hook – No delay and maximum hooking power!

  7. Hello from Kentucky land between the lakes. Home of the beast of LBL.

    That's pretty darn cool. I'll have to try this out soon. I normally would use the spring trap or yo yos and limb lines. Allways looking for another way. Thanks for sharing and God bless 🇺🇸