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Update Get Home Bag Bug Out Bag Bug Out Bag emergency survival essential must have items bug out bag mistakes
hi it’s AlaskaGranny
my emergency get home
bag bug out bag emergency survival kit for preppers out of the vehicle
check update the contents to make sure
that I had everything that I need in an emergency survival situation
I didn’t have multiples expired food or
I had used something and forgotten to
replace it so I’m going to show you all
the things that I have in Get Home Bag Bug Out Bag and make
sure I have essential survival items must have gear first item
food I have a couple of Mountain
House dehydrated freeze dried meals I have granola bars I have a package of
rice and some lentils I have a can of
chili and then little oatmeal packs
cooking supplies I have a little
pot and inside the pot I have lighters
matches candles fire starters all kinds
of fire starter kits
DIY can stoves DIY that I like to use in an
emergency I also have a Coghlans
emergency stove that comes
with esbit hexamine fuel that I got at sportsman’s
warehouse those fuel tablets
are very stinky toxic odor so be sure you keep them
wrapped up tightly mug with a lid I
have a filtering water bottle
e sanitation supplies like
toilet paper Kleenex wet wipes and then
some eating utensils and napkins
little foil and I think there’s even
more matches in there then I have my
tool category for my tools I have a
couple of knives and I have
a tool that’s designed for opening the
water on outdoor faucets on buildings 4 way faucet key tool silcock tool
and I thought if I am really out of my
car I might be in town and maybe the
only place to get some water would be
behind a school or a bank so I got one
of those silcock tools to try to get water from a commercial building in an emergency
turn the water on in a commercial building if that’s what I need I have some
duct tape I have
flashing tape that loggers and
construction workers use I have a couple
of clothes pin some zip ties a few nails
I have a compass I have some extra
batteries for my flashlights I have a
first aid kit and some
clickers lighters and some little electric
candles and flashlights that you crank
on in this bag I have some cash and
another little tiny flashlight
have a lanyard paracord with extra
keys a whistle flashlight and knife
so if i have to have
those things available I can readily put
them around my neck or I can unclip them
and use them if I need to I have
Eton Scorpion wind up emergency radio
battery gadgets I have fire striker
lighter that I have the directions with
it because i don’t use it enough that
I’m ever going to remember how to use it
I have some work gloves in this
green bag I have cosmetics
shampoo and soap and hygiene
that should I need hairbrush I
have some garbage bags and some paracord
to help me build a shelter if I need to
I have a SOL Life Bivy survival sleeping bag bivvy bag I figure if I’m going
to be sleeping in my car I always have
an extra blanket but if I have to take
to the hills I want this reflective thermal bivvy
bag a poncho
extra warm extra clothes extra bag backpack with
strings on if I had to I can just take
that little bag stuff it with things and
put it on my back extra gear pack
warm gloves socks a hat clean underwear
a bandana and a jacket a hat
for the Sun and some
hand warmers so I have a little
collection of everything and I’m trying
to make it so it doesn’t weigh too much
it took out a bunch of things because I
realized I had too many candles
and matches
50 candles and I thought I don’t need
all of that and I might need some other
things I also put the new pocket chain saw in because
the one I had was flimsy and didn’t work
very well and this Pocket
Chainsaw from Chain Mate works much better and if I
need to in an emergency i want a pocket chain saw that
I can depend on so all this
in my get home bag Bug Out Bag for emergencies bug out bag survival kit I have an extra set
of warm clothes and boots because it’s
still winter time and keep your cell
phone charged and your gas tank topped
off don’t take any chances in winter
weather and always tell someone where
you’re going so that if something
happens they know where to look for you
so tell me if there’s something you
think that I’m missing
learn more at alaskagranny.com
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Tactical Flashlight Inc Where Can One Order

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  1. I would recommend a digging tool, an axe, and a small .380 acp with a couple extra magazines.