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  1. Why pay $65 for an AUS 8 knife?? I can buy an Ontario RAT 1 for $20 and its AUS 8…it's one of the best knifes I've owned.

  2. Thanks for the video. I purchased this knife recently, but out of the box mine has a rattle at the pivot point. The rattle is very noticeable when closed, and about 50% less when open. Does anybody else have this issue?

  3. I'm looking for a knife for fishing. Would this be able to cut up a fish, and through bone? Anything else you'd recommend?

  4. That knife is so smoking hot I wish I could have sex with it without cutting myself.

  5. Good video! While I lack your professional insight I share many of your observations about the knive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=245&v=mDQtEWgIPgk However, the blade on my knife has a bit of play and wobbles to some extent. Is that normal? I have cheaper knives that do better in this regard but maybe the SOG Trident Elite requires some "play" on the blade due to its complex machanics.

  6. I know I’m late but my trident elites lock is hard to push down and when I close the blade it is rough like really rough do I have to break it in or what?

  7. Bent my clip out alil an sanded the SOG logo smooth on the clip…goes in an comes out of the pocket alot smoother. Great knife to be under 100 bucks.

  8. The elite has been my edc for the past 4 years but I’ve never used the safety.