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SAS Survival Manual by Lofty Wiseman Book Review everyday reading for surviving in the outdoors for any climate for any situation best prepping books prepper must have books library
Hi it’s Alaskagranny I am out backpacking with my son
and one of the things that is most
important and we always keep with
us this SAS Survival Guide by Lofty Wiseman who served in the Special Air Service survival
buy these survival books online you can get bunches of them which I would recommend because
you can keep them in your car
you can keep them in your backpack your bug out bag and I order the
full-size SAS Survival Handbook so everybody in my family has one on a
bookshelf in their house
I like this survival handbook SAS Survival Manual by Lofty Wiseman because it tells you what
you can do
in all kinds emergencies whether it’s a
a fire earthquake hurricane tornado
anything that can happen it tells you
how to read the signs if you are in the woods
what plants you can eat it tells you how
to follow
animal tracks it tells you all kinds of
things that you need to know
tell you how to get food and water in the wild if you are in a survival situation
and as all kinds the wonderful first aid
information it’s a great reference for emergency survival situations and a must read for preppers
I highly recommend that you pick up the
SAS Survival Handbook by Lofty Wiseman
and keep a copy in your gear get a big one full size copy of the book
to keep on your shelf at home to
read in your free time everyday reading
home sitting by the fire and you’re
thinking about going out in the woods camping hunting hiking fishing backpacking because you
never know when an emergency will come
you don’t even know what kind of emergency
you could be facing
if you’re familiar with what to do
you don’t have to be afraid because
you will know how to take care of yourself
pick up the SAS Survival Handbook
give them to your kids given to your family
any like minded people who are into prepping
you can give a copy of this book to everybody who
needs to know how to take care of themselves
to get a stack of them put them on top of your bug out bag your purse your home bookshelf
keep this book handy so you will have the information you need to survive any emergency situation
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  1. Thanks for the great and SHORT video. You said more in two minutes than most of the reviews of this book said in ten. I have a question. You recommend the larger version and I am wondering are the large and small versions the SAME BOOK? Meaning, is the smaller one just smaller print and smaller size? Or did they EDIT it for content to make it smaller? I'd like to buy copies for several family members and prefer the smaller one – they are smaller and cheaper, but I don't want to skimp on content. Is the larger one like a full sized reference and the smaller one just a "reminder" assuming you read the larger one? Or is the smaller one a "stand alone" and ENOUGH if you were truly in a survival situation? Best wishes to you and yours.

  2. It is fantastic, I use the Kindle version at home (easier on the eyes) and I have the Collins Gem version for outdoors. For the bush craft side of things Mors Kochanski's books are very good and for foraging the Collins Gem versions of Food For Free by Richard Maybey, Tree's by Alastair Fitter, and Fungi by Patrick Harding are good as is Foraging by David Squire (I thought this was a British book but I've seen it recommended on North American bush craft sites so it must work there too). Thanks for the vid!!

  3. Good review and advice. One comment though, it's not pronounced 'sas' it's S.A.S – 'ess-ay-ess'. It stands for Special Air Services and is the counter terrorist regiment of the British Army. The S.A.S were the pioneers of the concept of "special forces". Virtually all special forces around the world from the U.S, to Australia, Israel and beyond have all modelled their special forces on the S.A.S. Lofty was a serving member for 26 years until his retirement.

  4. A very good book. Got a large one but am ordering the pocket guide soon. Enjoyed your message. Besides knowledgeable Lofty is a character and an all round good chap also. Worth the money! ATB Mark.

  5. I have two copies. One small one and the large one. Lucky enough to meet Lofty in May this year and ask him to sign my small copy.