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  1. Definitely a big difference from what I generally carry but I am not law enforcement. You raise a great point on the flashlight I'm going to have to find one that isn't to bulky to carry just in case the lights go out in the grocery store.

  2. hey John, Im planning on buying a good rifle for under $1000 but don't know what to get, The Remington 700, Savage 10 (or axis), or a Tikka 3 are the 3 main weapons im interested in, what would you recommend? i only plan on hunting game up to deer and just to have some fun at the range. also what caliber would you recommend? considering recoil.

  3. I love that you understand to not cycle ammo in defense guns. As a mechanical engineering student, I can tell you it is perfectly fine to keep something under constant load (as long as the load isn't too high) as apposed to varying the load. If you want to understand this principle look up fatigue equations.