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  1. I don't know which survival shows you've seen, but your video reminded me of a "reality" tv show I enjoyed called The Colony. They made some pretty hi-tech stuff that was beyond my head. but it was cool to watch them make functioning solar panels and stuff.

  2. @wmpyr Heh, that's interesting, yeah I love that show too, I've seen both seasons and I totally look forward to seeing more. I learned alot from those Guys like the wood gassifier for running the truck off of wood, that was the first time that I've ever heard of that, but I've learned alot more about it since then.
    And kinda thanks to You and some other People I've started watching alot of "Primitive Tool" making techniques and other "survival" type stuff on YouTube for the past couple months.

  3. @kakoroto Oh yeah totally, that's what this gadget is for, I'll be able to charge it with a solar cell soon, and I've figured out that I can use an automotive cigarette lighter for starting fires, but I just bought one last night and it takes four freakin' amps of power, more than a halogen desk lamp, so I'm going to have to figure out some other way of making fire, maybe I can go with a stun gun type thing that makes a large spark, I know that will take alot less power. Take Care Mr Kakoroto.

  4. @kakoroto Yeah, if I wasn't so depressed and had enough motivation to use My etsy account and make a small business selling crap that I made.
    If I could make money at this, but I need some One to keep Me motivated, I can't do it by Myself, otherwise My talents are basically useless if I can't make money with My knowledge.
    But Thank You for commenting, it always makes Me feel good. Take Care Mr. Kakoroto.

  5. @Nedspodos Yup, model rocket igniters will work too, and also if You find like some speaker wire and cut it open to get at the smaller strands inside, then You loop the end into a coil because that's where the heat will start where the wire bends like a spring, but just straight wire may not be as efficient, got to have the coil in the middle like the filament in a light bulb is coiled like a spring. I used to do that years ago when We didn't have any rocket igniters.

  6. @Nedspodos COMMENT 2 But since this video I've had two new ideas on how to start fires using electricity, one idea was some thing like an electric cigarette lighter for in the car, so I bought a car cigarette lighter but it takes sooooo much power it's insane, but I've come up with a newer better idea that may be possible, it's basically makes an electric spark like a taser but a little better, basically I want some thing reusable. Ok Take Care Mr. Spodos.