14 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight J5 How Can I Shop At 17:38

  1. HAHAHA I ordered one a couple days ago as soon as amazon store had them back in stock! With two cars I've been doing a ton of research on which keychain light to stick on my new daily driver. I was going to go with another streamlight since my 6-year-old keychain model has been a tank, but after picking up the TN12 I had to check out TN's offerings. This might have to replace my PT-1L as an EDC too if it holds up!!!!

  2. MrGunsngear thanks for the awesome review man, going to get one for my keychain edc soon!

    What other cool accessories do you recommend?

    Right now, I'm thinking about getting a key-bar, rifle dynamics krink piston, leatherman multi tool, allergy/blood type fob, and a keychain ambu+ rescue mask

  3. I'm kind of a light junkie and never have tried a thrunite light, I'm going to have to change that after seeing reviews. Good review.

  4. Great review! Another flash to order based on your review! My wife is beginning to not like ya as I buy stuff you give good reviews on….lol….but she does have one on her keychain! Great closing music!!! -ranger

  5. Got one! I figured I'd better get one before they realize they should be charging more for this light!

    Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  6. Looks like I found my fiance a new pocket edc light. Sadly she lost the 4sevens preon 1 i got her. For half the price and about twice the output Im game. Awesome. Im also looking to get myself an Olight S10 Baton

  7. im so glad you did this video because i was looking to get this light…shit at the price i think imma get 3 and give 2 out to some female friends and see how they like it for edc but anyways you sold me on it. i find your reviews honest and reliable

  8. Good review and another purchase for me due to your recommendation! You are a baaaaad influence! Lol! -Ranger

  9. why do most of these unboxing videos forget you can flip the clip and clip it on a cap peak as a head torch, quite a big selling point, is that not in the instructions?