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  1. Its a great filter and often used by humanitarian agencies. I have one, but I rarely use it. I travel very light so it is too heavy. I use a Millbank Bag to filter and then either boil or use chemical treatment. Useful video though. Thanks.

  2. Yes I hate those reviews that just ramble. This is actually one of our first vids. πŸ™‚

  3. I have watched most of your hiking videos, love them all. I liked and I subscribed. Made my gear list from your videos. Please don't take offense Cindy, but I am hoping that hiking gives me GREAT BOOBS like you!! LOL…… and I'm straight ;o)

  4. Are there different Katadyn Vario systems as far as size or capacity and replacement filters? How many gallons per filter? I looked at pricing and it is all over the place, but seems to have high ratings from users.

  5. Katadyn has several different water filters. We just picked up the Katadyn Hiker. A little cheaper, much smaller and lighter but only filters up to 250 gallons.

  6. anyΓ³ne needing to filter/purify water – get a Thirst Aid bag. Fill, squeeze and drink. No fiddly parts to snap or break. Brilliant product!

  7. That was pretty fast. Would like to see you do a review on the Sawyer mini water filter. Filters 100,000 gallons. Liter & more compact.

  8. how often does mike walk into tree's when is is running behind you? lol great vid have you guys tryed the sawyer mini?
    also hows the little cabin coming along?

  9. The only filter I trust is the First Need XLE. I don't care it weighs around a pound. I know I won't get sick.