15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Keychain How Can One Purchase At 9:50

  1. Do the solar panels actually charge the power core? I can't get a straight answer to that question. Where I'm going I'll probably need to charge and store power for later, as much as charge devices.

  2. I read that you can use an incandescent bulb to give charge to a solar panel. Although you will only get a fraction of the energy that is put into the lightbulb, it can still charge a panel. Let's say hypothetically, your phone is out of charge, and it's too late at night to go somewhere with an electric socket, but you're very close to a street lamp. Would something like that be sufficient to giving a charge to your phone?

  3. I just bought a RAVPower 22000 battery bank. I also see u have a video on BIGGER Anker Solar Panels, (15-21 watt). Do u see any problem charging RAVPower battery bank from a ANKER 21 Watt Folding Solar Panel?

  4. Really awesome review. It's on sale for 49 bucks right now in your store.

  5. Very good and informative review. Noticed the Nightcore mh20 torch. I got one and recomend, they take an 18650 rechargeable battery.

  6. How much time does it take approximately until the power bank is fully charged? (Sunny days) Thanks!

  7. Does the 21W actually charge a power bank? My panel won't charge my USB radio, my USB AA battery charger, or My USB LED battery pack, and was told solar don't have a steady enough Voltage, and that i should get a battery pack for constant Voltage. Just what i need is something else that won't charge off solar lol.

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