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  1. Another great review Justin, Personal Preference the Magic Word, yup that it is, even though I have a Battle Mistress ever since I seen Noss do a destruction video on a B.M., I knew I wanted one unfortunately the company only makes so many of the styles and once it's gone you can only get one on the secondary market.
    I never planned it this way, but my favorite personal preference knife started all this off with my preference in a utlity/camp knife to me was the Ratmandu, it led me to my favorite go to set, it just grew, well that started to happen with my B.M. so I was able to get one it's the A.S.H.B.M. LE, it started to grow in a similar proportion to my favorite go to knives, just recently I was notified I won a chance to buy a N.M.F.S.H. which is very similar in size to my Rodent 9 atleast lenght wise, to me it's one of the best, in my opinion, and it falls right in my favorite preferences of a bush knife, atleast that's what I'm going to use it for, is it really a bush knife, I dunno, all I know is it's very sharp, great chopper, and I would trust my life on it if necessary.
    Do I need it, we'll yeah I do, researching, and from personal experience I think a 9- 9 1/2" blade is a perfect blade lenght for a survival knife, I also know it's a good tactical knife too, I'm not one of those kind of guy's that I distinguish a bushcraft knife and a survival knife, all I know is a certain blade lenght and a certain thickness works best for this or that.
    I know I was lucky first of all to be privileged to win this drawing, and I was opened minded to understand that it's a good size for something I'm going to use it for, but it's my preference to get this type of material because in the past it showed me it was a very capable material for what I use it for, so it's my preference, is it the best, in my opinion I think it is, because as we all know there are alot of good knives and makers out there and I could of got a different knife if I wanted to, but it's my preference because in my opinion it's one of the best, am I an authority on this, no far from it, but in my experience for me and how I'm going to use it, it is the best for me, do I push my opinion on my friends, no, I know a opinion is like a nose and everybody has one.