7 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Kit – Ecogear Fx Tk120 Buy Satisfaction Guaranteed At 4:38

  1. I like how to guage light you walk around instead of just holding the lights at a target a and telling the distance. helped guage brightness

  2. for edc, i can see that the ti3 is an obvious choice, but the problem i have, is that i would use it for a cosplay too, basically i have to put it on a molle chest rig, and make it look like a torch, it must be recognizable, and while the t10 would fit better this position, i just don't know how much use i'd make out of it… even though AA batteries are much more common in italy than AAA, and also the t10 costs nearly double the price.

    i would use both with the strap as i don't actually own anything that resembles keys, what do you guys think? t10 or ti3 in this case? do you think the ti3 is recognizable enough as a flashlight on a military-style vest? or should i go with the t10? also what do you think about generic use(i don't go much into the woods) ?

  3. Thank you.This video helped a lot,since there are not (m)any like it.I need a small flashlight,because I have classes a night,and a big part of the route has no lights.

  4. dose the T10 have and problems with standby battery drain ? im sick of my battery draining by the time i need them