13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Kit – Ecogear Fx Tk120 How Can One Order At 7:46

  1. The man just forgot to say that he copy this invention from a brazilian and this is called light of Moser.

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  3. Now I will have a free light bulb in my shed and in front of my house. YEY ! I dont have to spend any money because the material.is in tje ditch ready to.be used

  4. We spend thousands on building windows in walls and thousands more on electricity, candles ,kerosene etc. If this one is adopted by all then it will be beneficial not only for poor people but also overcoming environmental issues.

  5. CO2 LEVELS ARE LOW TODAY! NOT TO HIGH! Besides, geologic strata records CO2 RISES AFTER SOLAR WARMING, and man produces almost no CO2 compared to natural plant production by decaying organic mass…

    Stop thesevlies!!

  6. It will complete electricity bulb's function but will require plastic bottles. Which is bad for environment. Please think of an eco friendly mathod.