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Emergency water storage ideas
ways to store water for emergencies
hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you thought
about storing water for emergencies for
drinking purposes and for sanitation
you’re going to need extra water if you don’t have any
running water you’re going to need a little
bit for washing dishes washing hands
maybe even washing out a little bit of
laundry so if you stockpile water
as you go along you’ll have plenty of water stockpiled for emergencies I
like to buy these flavored waters and
after I drink them instead of pitching the bottles I
fill them up with tap water and I store them in lots of places where water is needed
like under the
kitchen sink I use a metal rack to stack the water bottles and there’s
plenty of room I can put another layer
of them up in here under my kitchen sink
store water in places where you use it put water where you
are going to need water so that if
something happens you always have water
you can pour it in the
toilet or the sink
store big waste basket
you can fill those up with water
then if there’s an emergency I know
there’s going to be a water shortage
hurricane tell you ahead
of time you’re going to need to water fill them up
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  1. Yes, water is THE most important resource in an emergency.
    Good tips!
    We always keep a case of water bottles in the basement and switch out yearly.
    We use an old Sterno stove and the stored water for coffee, soup, etc., during power outages.
    Also nice for shaving. 🙂