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  1. Can't be stressed too much, especially this time of year in most of US due to winter weather. Other situations cause grid down, too. Thanks for making the point.

    Solar yard lights can be used indoors! Charge during day & use inside at night. They can also charge batteries to be used for other purposes. Check type battery used by lights when purchasing them or check what you already have & match to other rechargeable battery needs.

    Cooking oil can be used for lighting. Search for "olive oil lamps" for a wealth of info on DIY. Other plant/animal fats can be used as well, using non-"traditional" lamp/candle wicks. Research primitive lighting – there are YT videos available.

    Oil lamps/lanterns – learn how to property trim & adjust wicks for cleaner burning light source. Incomplete combustion is the source for carbon monoxide. If an oil lamp is giving off smoke/soot there's something wrong.

    Learn to melt wax and re-pour candles to make some of those yard sale finds more suitable for emergency use. Craft shop candle making equipment is expensive. Make a tin can double boiler. Any microwave safe container can become a mold. Cooking spray & waxed paper can aid with removal of poured candle. Learn to make wicks from butchers twine & strings from cotton mop heads. Empty glass jelly jars with metal lids, filled with recycled wax far less expensive that the brand name jar candles.

    With alternative lighting, mirrors, disposable pie tins & baking pans can be uses as reflectors to direct light for better utilization. Aluminum foil can turn heat resistant objects into reflectors. The smoother the foil application, the better.

    Just some thoughts, this morning on — Let There Be Light.

  2. All very well said brother. I've been keeping my eyes open for some nice old lantern from a sale or auction. Good video.

  3. Nice to see someone use common sense. Great video. We keep a number of the chemical lite sticks around. They are easy to get started and they can put off a good amount of lite for a period of time. The green ones put off the best amount of light.

  4. I have lots of candles, flashlights, batteries, crank radio-flashlight. A headlamp is great for walking around. I use solar lights too. My favorite is the Waka Waka small lamp — it can be set to low to light a room or on high for reading and will give 5 hours of good bright light if left on high. Cheaper solar alternatives are your regular solar garden lights. They make good night lights. I have one set up on my back porch to light the door — it lasts about 4 hours after dark, so no problem getting in on those dark winter evenings after work.

  5. How to survive, get a generator which lats a few days. Like if that runs out of battery, or if she's a gas one, Mate, just charge her with your car battery or fill er up with some fuel from ya car? maybe not enough food, but in Australia, there less people, that means i could just go wait it a small line and buy some snags to last a few.

  6. I'm watching this in the dark right now, winter power outage. My #1 priority was powering up the modem and wifi router on the generator, followed by the fridge, sump pump and lights. We have a kerosene heater, propane heater and fireplace wood. I might add that an 8 hour mophie is a big deal in a power outage unless you want to charge your devices out in the car. We are the envy of the street! Warm and cozy surfing the web …