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Hello my dear Aliholics!
In this video we will see the best outdoor
gear from AliExpress.
The first thing that is essential for camping
is a good tent.
This is the most-purchased one on AliExpress.
There are a few options, grey is the one that
I have, which is more waterproof and lightweight
than the other 2.
Its waterproof rating is 4000mm, and excluding
pegs it weighs 1.2 kg, or a bit more than
2.5 pounds.
Similar tents sell for $300 or more at our
local outdoor gear stores.
I like this tent because of the portability
– it can easily fit inside a saddlebag on
my bike, or into any camping backpack.
It lasts great.
So far, I’ve had it for 1 very busy season,
and it is just as good as new.
If you are a casual camper, and you just want
a simple tent, here is a cheaper option, for
only $23.
The waterproof rating is 1500mm, which makes
it a good summer tent.
It can fit 2 people with extra room.
If you have Walmarts in your area, you can
get one from there for a similar price, if
not – the link to this one is in the description.
A good camping backpack is a necessity.
This one is the most-purchased one on AliExpress.
It has a lot of compartments, and it comes
with thick straps.
There are 9 color options to pick from, and
it free E-Packet shipping to those in US and
The adjustable chest strap indicates that
it is oriented at hiking, but nothing is preventing
you from utilizing it for urban use.
The capacity of the said backpack is approximately
30 litres.
If you are just going for a day hike, and
don’t need to carry a lot of stuff, here
is a small cycling backpack with a water bladder.
Similar backpacks are sold for $70, this one
can be bought for 38 with free shipping.
The beauty of it is that the water tap can
be attached to the straps, so you don’t
have to take it off to rehydrate.
This backpack also has straps for cycling
The capacity of the backpack is 8 liters,
and the water bag can fit 2 litres of liquid.
If you go camping in the wild, you may want
to consider getting a survival kit.
This one costs $6, and it includes a firestarter,
a whistle, an army-style knife with other
things like a flashlight and scissors, an
11-in-1 toolkit, a cable saw, and it comes
in a waterproof container.
There also is a compass, but cheap ones like
that never work, so I can’t really count
Here is a portable sleeping bag, which comes
in 5 color options, and with its own compression
sack, which makes it twice as small.
It weighs just 700 grams, or 1.5 pounds.
My buddy has one of these, and he uses it
for cycling trips, because of its small size
and weight.
Another thing is this pad.
It is 190 cm, or 6 feet and 2 inches long.
The bubbly surface makes this mat superior
to the yoga mat for the purpose of sleeping.
They give an impression of the mat being thicker
than it really is.
However, the mat is not hard enough to handle
the weight of your body if you sleep on a
gnarly surface, and have rocks underneath.
The fact that it is perpendicular makes it
easier to pack and store.
There are two rubber bands included, although
just one is enough to hold the mat.
If you prefer more wild camping, a self-inflating
mat is a better solution.
It weighs about 1 kg, or 2.2 pounds.
The beauty of a self-inflating mat, as you
may have guessed, is the fact that it can
inflate itself, and it does not require any
extra effort, and you don’t need to carry
an air pump.
The $29 option is 185 cm long including the
pillow, and if you are taller, there is a
195 cm version for around $33 with shipping.
Hot coffee and warm food is amazing in the
wild, and a camping stove is also a pretty
great thing to have.
I am not a big fan of the ones that attach
directly to the gas can, because they are
not very stable.
This one is standalone with 3 legs, and it
comes with a carrying box.
AliExpress also has a variety of hammocks.
This one is sold for $14 with free e-packet
shipping, and you can get extended straps
for it for $8.
It has a small pocket on the side, and this
hammock comes in 24 color options.
If you prefer glamping, or glamorous camping,
and you carry a generator around, or if you
have a motorcycle or a quad, extra fuel is
always a good thing to carry around.
I have 2 of these fuel bottles, the longer
one is for 700 ml, and the red one can fit
1 liter.
They have saved me quite a few times.
I usually use the orange one for extra oil,
and the red one for fuel.
A collapsible water bottle is much better
than a solid plastic one in my opinion.
When it is empty it can be conveniently rolled
into a small loop.
You may have seen the unboxing haul number
The capacity of this bottle is about 700 ml,
which is the size of a red solo cup.
It conveniently comes with a plastic carabiner,
and costs less than $1.
There are a lot of water filters on AliExpress,
but that is one of the things that I wouldn’t
trust buying from them, for obvious reasons.
I have been using this Sawyer water filter,
that I got from Amazon.
It comes with a soft water container, similar
in size to the collapsible water bottle we
saw just now, and with a cleaning syringe.
If you want to keep your gadgets running while
being away from home, this solar power bank
is the way to go.
Despite the description, which lists 5,000
mAh, it actually holds up to 2600.
There are 2 USB ports, and you can charge
two devices at once.
The power bank is splash-resistant, and comes
with a small carabiner.
There are indicator lights that show how much
charge there is left, and a small flashlight
on the side.
The power indicator also shows whether the
solar power is charging it, but judging from
the numbers on the back, it would likely take
a few days for the power bank to charge fully
from the solar panel.
As a somewhat experienced camping enthusiast,
I can attest that a headlight is much more
convenient than a handheld flashlight.
There are cheap ones on AliExpress (and at
retail stores), that cost only a couple dollars,
but I suggest that you steer away from those
– I’ve bought a few in the past, and none
have lasted more than a couple times.
Instead, spend a few more extra dollars, and
get something that should last through the
This headlamp has a built-in battery, and
it comes with a charger.
The light is also zoomable.
People in the reviews say that a single charge
lasts for about 10 hours.
Hiking boots are pretty much a must when you
hit the trails, and them being waterproof
is really not a bad idea.
Most people are skeptical against shoes from
AliExpress, and in some cases I agree, but
I actually have purchased China-made hiking
shoes a few years ago, and I still use them
to this date.
These ones that we see here are the most bought
shoes on AliExpress, with over 2,000 orders.
The reviews are great, and I encourage you
to check them if you are considering getting
a pair for yourself – at less than $40 this
is a really good deal.
If you are not planning on getting your smartphone
wet, get this waterproof pouch.
They cost less than $1.50, which is a decent
deal considering how much money you can save
by using it.
Of course, it is best to test it with some
paper first to make sure there are no odd
They can still be used with touchscreen phones.
I have two of these compression sacks at home,
but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find
But I am going to show you another, bigger
one that I have for my sleeping bag that I
got at a local store, just to familiarize
you with the concept.
It can really save a lot of space, these are
identical sleeping bag, and after compression,
it became nearly half the size.
If you need a pair of hiking pants or a jacket,
you can search for one on AliExpress.
Just make sure to organize them by orders,
and check feedback section for the pictures
from other buyers.
Sizing can be tricky, so make sure to read
the reviews and measure yourself and compare
the measurements to the size chart to get
the correct sizing.
If the size seems borderline, I suggest to
go with the bigger one.

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