14 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Lakeland Fl How To Order At 19:40

  1. I have one of these ordered. To much annoyance, it's been stuck in customs since the 3rd.

    9:17 Creepy. That shot with the firefly reminded me of one early Marble Hornets entry where Jay is exploring Brian's abandoned house, especially when the sink came into view.

  2. Hey Fred I was just going to order this because of your review but then I saw the Ti 162 limited edition and grab that one instead. For $20 though I still may pick up the Ti3 also. I really am hooked on these awesome little Thrunite flashlights. I picked up the TiS after your review and a couple days later ordered the Ti2.

  3. Just to leave it here, Fred: I have A LOT MORE to share about the Ti3 now that I got the replacement! Wanna hear me out?

  4. I need one of these in my life. (I just bought the Streamlight Nano for my keychain – but the batteries are starting to worry me. I just bought 100 batteries from China, but seriously, they are almost more expensive than the light itself.)

    This is a good compromise between weight/length and brightness. (I'd probably never use the high mode, unless there was an bloody emergency.)

  5. Like your videos. You seem like a good hearted person. Keep up the good work! Subbed

  6. it's sad when u see this guy surprised while saying this flashlight can put out 120lumens, while there is a 100000lumen flashlight which is imalent MS-18 XD

  7. will that light fit into the 5 hr energy drink bottle to be used as a micro lantern, like the fenix LD 01,fenix LD 02, and fenix E 01. these light are all about 14mm dia or .55 inch dia, this allows them to fit into the neck of the 5 hr energy bottles, it's a great mod I learned it years ago from Waw hiker on youtube, but the three lights I mentioned are no longer produced I think. by now in Dec 2020 I was hoping there would be a rear tail switch, micro USB light that would be the right dia. to do the 5 hr lantern mod. try it out and let me know if the Thrnite Ti3 v2 works i just ordered one fingers crossed, looking for recommendations for a light that is 14mm in dia. and rear tail switch with micro usb charging built in.