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  1. Great tip. I love the belt clip. Where did you find that? I have looked for something like that at Lowes where they sell the keys. They did not have anything like that. God bless. John

  2. Try ACE hardware or a lock store. The belt clips cost about $4, and once you start using one, you'll wonder why you never thought of it before!

  3. I like the design. I don't know why Gerber doesn't put some good steel in the blade. Then it would be a useful survival tool.

  4. You could use a strap with buckle on the top side loop like I did. In fact I modded out my sheath a little more than just that though. I find that the small carabiners are too fragile and often break.


    Also did something similar to my BG Ultimate Pro Knife as well


  5. If you guys like the design of the Gerber Ultimate survival knife then I highly recommend the Gerber Prodigy. The knife is very similar in design but the Prodigy is made in the usa and has better steel… Where as they cheeped out on the sheath which they had made in China. The design of the sheath is good, but it does have 2 cracking points on it. (I do not find this as to much of a problem). In general I love the prodigy and I believe it actually goes for a better price.

  6. That's useless. The carabiner fits the belt loop without the d-ring in the BG knife.

  7. Skip the silly D-ring and just put a carabiner through the belt loop. Duh. Rhaylan Klosowski says so also.

  8. Just make a dangler attachment with some webbing and you can use any pants button (+webbing) to make a dangler attachment for Most Mora's and Hultafors.

  9. Can you review the newer BG Ultimate Pro knife? It has upgraded steel. It also is a full tang knife.