10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Lantern Review Buy Near Me At 3:50

  1. Mike just give her the specifications the week before and then let her do it natural she doesn't need to get everything in 5 min, no one cares bro! scripted but I still like you guys! Oh a glass of wine first! There you go :)~

  2. I saw a review from someone about this flashlight. He said that it gets hot on the high setting and drains the battery fast. Other than that he gave it a very good rating for his review. Do you two have any overnight backpacking videos planned for the future?

  3. I always enjoy y'all's videos. I invite you to check out my channel. Leave us a comment if you want and subscribe too if you want.

  4. Got the Ti (162 Lumen) AAA keychain a few weeks ago, this TN11S V2 is waiting to be shipped to me from Amazon. Great flashlights for the price!

  5. I thought I was watching an olf video uploaded in 2007 but nope.. Looks like a bad comercial. if you want to gain visibility juste be yourself.