8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Lantern Review Where Can I Shop At 19:50

  1. Agree with your review man. I have had one of these things for i think 4ish years now and the sheath breaks in eventually. Mine sits locked away in the box of forgotten knives… At the very bottom of the pile haha. It's a piece of garbage… Although i stole the belt loop off it and it works for a horizontal carry on the stock BK2 sheath (plastic sheath).

  2. I bought one in a moment of weakness while browsing a camping shop. I'd been curious about skeletonised designs and it was just an affordable, accessible option to test for proof of concept. I agree with everything you have said, particularly regarding potential for manky disease harbouring cordage, and I hate the BG orange/grey aesthetic, but it definitely has found a place in my kit and after a few mods it has grown on me. I actually really like the underlying handle design and the way I have wrapped it bulks it out nicely. The concept I am working towards is a stand alone ultralight survival kit built around the knife and sheath where every part has a purpose to meet the 10 C's. I ditched the factory sheath and am using a bodgy diy sheath made from folded aluminium flashing that can be folded out into an origami cooking pot. It's bodgy but it tucks away nicely. It's probably all that is required for a survival knife in Australia where bulk timber processing isn't usually required.

  3. Next video stick it in a tree, I think we need to see some further testing! 🌲🌳🌿

  4. Yeah its a Gerber made in China with Bear Grylls printed on it. Pass. Nothing functional about it really. I wanted to like this knife many moons ago but found much better alternatives. If you havent already Cedric check out the Shrade neck knife SCHF16 which retails for the same price in 9CR steel and it is way superior.

  5. I don't know if this video does this knife justice, I've made a video on my channel on the edge retention of this knife while cutting cardboard. You'd be surprised to know that this knife just suffers from among other things an awful factory grind and when properly profiled holds it's edge for quite a long time.

    Love your knife reviews they are super thorough and informative, If there's a knife I want I usually run a YT search to see if you've done a review on it. Thanks!