6 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Laser Combo Buy Near Me At 9:53

  1. I went with a standard size battery for all my flashlights and got a bunch of eneloops.  As for charging them…I got a very small 12 volt inverter that the standard charger can plug into.  This is of course assuming I'm gonna have my bug out truck with me. 

  2. good find of the batteries and charger ,let me know if you find any usb chargers ,i got 2 ultra fire 2000  about a year now and love them one for my bag and one on the 12 ga ! good emergency knife sharpen ! 
    thanks for sharing 
    atb john

  3. Some nice items you found there, I like the flashlight especially the built in solar panel. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The energizer hybrid look good pretty good.  Is it waterproof.  I'd love to find a dynamo/solar flashlight that will clip on my back and is waterproof – Ah how a prepper dreams 🙂
    You have a good testing plan.

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