5 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Laser Combo For Ar 15 How Can One Order At 16:42

  1. Bore brush, single FrogLube .5oz tubes wrapped in a lint free rag. Cheaper and takes up less space. And non toxic (no hand washing required after using).

  2. Thanks for the video.
    Great point.
    Also, in SHTF / Bugout, you probably won't be using or carrying your gun under ideal conditions (rain, snow, mud, dust, etc) and it will need extra care we often can get away with not providing in "normal" times.
    Thanks for the review of the OTIS system.

  3. Q: how long bugging out/ how often do you need to clean guns? I simply ask because i have no idea living here in Scotland NO hand guns allowed , any gun strict rules which is the best way for my safety ! I see a bug out bag as a bag full of gear to help save your life in a emergency situation warm/waterproof cloths tent, mat. sleeping bag, a lot of food and certainly some sort of plan how it all comes together ! I wouldn't even know why anyone would even consider gun cleaning kit as part of must have emergency items!