Tactical Flashlight Laser Combo Where To Purchase

hey folks welcome back check this out in
this video I’m gonna show you ten really
cool gift ideas for the hunter in your
family I don’t know if you have
traditions like I have traditions where
as we always gift each other during the
hunting season and if you get a kill
then you get another gift and it kind of
goes on and on like that forever so you
do the same and you have that hunter
that you want to give a gift to I’m
gonna go through ten items that range in
price from you know 15 20 bucks all the
way up to a couple hundred bucks before
we get into that if you’re new here
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will help me and it’ll help you and it’s
good for everybody so one of the
traditions that we have is when one of
my children starts their hunting their
hunting career and harvest this is our
first deer I give them a tops hog
four-point-five night that I designed as
a gift for completing that very
memorable task do you have any really
cool like traditions or that surround
hunting season if so clean down the
comments I’d love to hear about them and
maybe I’ll incorporate those into our
own traditions now let’s talk about some
really cool gifts if you want to show
some appreciation to those hunters and
your family so the first really cool
item I want to cover is this Hill people
gear version two chestrig now the first
time I’ve seen these I was wandering
around in Hills in Washington with a
friend of mine and he wouldn’t be caught
dead without it like he lives and dies
by this pack
he’s always got it on and I thought it
was really cool and he was always
getting in it and pulling out exactly
what we needed when we needed it and I
thought man that thing really holds a
lot of kit pretty comfortable and then
he explained to me how it balances the
weight like he kept puts a little more
weight in the front so that when you
have your pack on your back it balances
your your spine correctly and makes it
just a little bit more comfortable when
you’re humping a load in the Hills I was
recently researching it and a buddy of
mine was upgrading his kid and he sent
me this one which was brand new but he
was getting a different one the model
more suited to him and he sent me this
one so I thought that I would show you
so while it’s new to me I’m certainly
gonna use it this season and I have zero
doubt that I’m gonna love it
some of the features it’s got three main
pockets one on the front it’s got two
slot pockets and then the main pocket
and it also has dummy cord loops above
each of those slot pockets this is the
main pouch comes open like a little
shelf so you can kind of do some work
here if you have to I’ve got a little
flashlight and a rangefinder in mine now
but there’ll be more gear that goes in
as the as I prep for the season it’s got
I put these patches here just to show
you it’s got velcro all the way through
this whole thing with pals weddings so
you could put different contraptions in
there pistol mags and wrench finders and
whatever you happen to want to or you
can just cover it with morale patches
and be sexy cool you’re into that the
third pocket is the concealed carry
pouch I have a Glock 21 45 caliber and
mine I don’t have a holster in it but it
has a strip of velcro here where you can
secure a holster if you want to put one
in it this gun is big enough that it
doesn’t really require a holster to fit
really comfortably in here another
option would be just to leave that
zipper right here so you can zip it open
and draw from concealed but I like the
idea that I can just grab this corner
rip it open and you got full access to
the pistol that layered with the other
pieces of gear that’s in here that’s all
fine and dandy but when you put a pack
on it actually comes with two straps
that hook to your pack straps and then
you can hook them or unhook them from
here so it takes all that weight off of
you and puts it on your pack where it’s
supposed to be or if you want to hook it
on the outside of a pack you have these
two loops here and you have two on the
bottom thinking hook exactly the same
there’s a lot of different modifications
you can do with it like I said it’s new
to me so I’m gonna find a lot more cool
stuff that I can do with it
you can find this piece of kit on Amazon
it’s about 136 99 137 bucks plus
shipping unless you catch it with Amazon
Prime or something cool like that or you
can go to Hill people gear comm and they
might have a sale or something else
going on and you probably catch it in
other different places too and if you go
to help people gear or check on Amazon
there’s also a whole bunch of different
versions of it so I have a large chest
but so and it fits me pretty good but if
you’re if you’re smaller they make
smaller ones narrower ones less pockets
they make a whole variety of different
ones that so I’m sure that if you’re
smaller in the upper chest area that
there’s there’s probably one that’s
going to suit you very well know people
gear this is the version to kit bag just
slight upgrades from the version one
from what I understand and it is a bomb
or piece of gear that any woodsman or
mountain that would love to have so the
next piece of gear I want to cover that
any woodsman would really really enjoy
having is the Fuji XP 130 it’s a point
and shoot camera it’s waterproof to 20
meters or 65 feet and shockproof to 5.8
foot drop so you know it can take a
little bit of abuse and when they say
waterproof they mean waterproof it’s got
a little push button and a dial that
turns and then it’s all sealed up with a
rubber gasket so it’s really cool you
can actually go underwater use all the
buttons and functions underwater and
shoot shoot video and pictures really
cool but the reason I love it and the
reason most will is because when I go
out to check my game cameras I can pull
that SD card put it in here and then go
through the pictures and it has Wi-Fi or
Bluetooth so I can Bluetooth this
directly to my phone and if I put a
picture in and there’s some pictures I
want to keep I can just bounce them
directly to my phone and then wipe to
wipe out the card and put it back in the
camera and I don’t have to carry extra
cards or worry about losing them and I
won’t lose the pictures because they’ll
already be on my phone on though they’re
there before anything else happens plus
I can see what’s in the area and when it
was there right now it’s got a lot of
really cool like filters and features
and stuff you can shoot a lot of dynamic
photos and really cool things and it’s
turned out to be a really good camera
for me I bought this at Walmart actually
for about 175 bucks and that’s about
what it sells for on Amazon also maybe I
paid a little bit more than that I would
recommend that if you do buy one that
you buy the tempered glass screen
protector for it it didn’t take long
with me wearing it in my pocket and
throwing it in my pack for this for the
back screen to get a little hazy so when
I put the glass
screen protector on it it cleared
everything back up and it protects it
really well so definitely go to tempered
glass screen protector it has a 28 to
144 millimeter zoom which is about a
five power that’s kind of nice you can’t
really get way in there it doesn’t have
some stupid intense digital zoom that
makes everything all grainy you just get
what you get but it does have a
relatively small optics so I think you
can hold it up to your scope your
spotting scope or something and if you
can line it up just right you can get a
picture through that which is you know
better than nothing at last thing if you
leave the Bluetooth connected to your
cell phone then you can enable
geo-tracking so if you were to see
something on a spot you can pull it out
take a picture and then you’ll have a
geo data on you know embedded into the
picture which is really cool another
really cool thing about it is it’s
completely turned off right now but it
boots up really fast out that quick
click of a button turns off boots up
really quick so you don’t have to wait
for a whole bunch of stuff to go on
before the camera comes on you just hit
the button and then start taking
pictures or hit the button and then hit
record and it will function for you it
does have replaceable batteries it’s not
like a bunch of it’s not like a bunch of
triple A’s or anything I bought a 4-pack
on Amazon for next to nothing and they
seem to work great so now I have the
battery that came with it and then the
4-pack so I got five full fully charged
batteries and a external charger for it
Baumer no worries I got plenty of
battery it’ll get me through a long week
of hunting that hunting in the mountains
connecting pieces of everything I want
if I have a couple of data cards to put
in it XP 130 from Fuji absolutely a
wonderful gift for that for the hunter
new oral next up we have the old light I
won ar e OS they make some pretty badass
flashlights but they contacted me they
sent me this one they even engraved my
name on it which is really cool and they
wanted a review but it’s pretty simple
there’s really no need to do a full-on
review on it
I’ll tell you you can see how beat up it
is I haven’t let this thing out of my
sight since I got it about a month month
month and a half ago and and it’s pretty
bomber so it has two settings you just
rotate to turn it on like the old mag
comes on low is 5 lumens high is 130
lumens real simple it has this super
high-speed LED in it and then here’s the
bonus is that it’s rechargeable it
recharges with the same like a cell
phone charger port the microUSB port but
I know that I don’t burn it all the time
it’s not my primary flashlight but if I
keep this little thing hooked on a
necklace and I just have it it’s really
great and handy just to have a little
little light it weighs nothing in a
couple of grams
it’s about as about as intrusive in your
kit as a 45 caliber round the biggest
complaint out have is it you know you
could potentially lose it I put a really
heavy clip on it and I clip it on the
zipper of my coat or on the zipper on
the outside of my hope people gear and
that’s where it stays that’s what’s
gonna live I think it’s a really really
good piece of gear like I said full
disclosure they sent it to me for free
so I could do a review there’s not much
more I can say about it it’s just a mini
flashlight but this is a really good one
it this is the kind of thing that you
carry I used to carry those little push
button once these squeeze between your
fingers and I got so sick of hold them
in my teeth or the buttons wouldn’t work
or that little that little 2032 battery
would die on it this right here is an
excellent solution to that problem and
it is a real flashlight not a toy
flashlight so I don’t know anybody that
would be in the woods and potentially
get stuck out after dark
that wouldn’t want to have one of these
in their pockets so one more thing about
this old light is they sent me a
discount code it’s like 20 $2.99 on
Amazon and they sent me a code so you
can go to their website and pick it up
for $16.99 now if you got Amazon Prime
and free shipping and everything that
might not really mean a discount or not
but they put it out there so down in the
notes I’ll put a link to this on Amazon
and also a link to this on old lights
website and you can check out all the
other cool products they have if this
little light is this bomber I can’t
imagine how cool the other stuff is that
they have and hopefully they’ll send me
some more stuff so I can review it for
you and show you what I think that they
might have some garbage to but if this
is an indicator
rest of their product line that no light
is most definitely a company to spend a
little money and be polite I 1r e OS
check it out so since we’re on the top
of the flashlights that little light
isn’t quite gonna do it it’s gonna it’s
gonna be enough to dig around in your
gear find your way in the dark but it is
not gonna find lost or down game so
enter celestron yes Celestron telescope
people comes with a little flimsy case
do what you want with that celestron
thermo torch 10 pretty bomber light it’s
got three modes high is like crazy high
it’s of course LED I don’t know if
anybody makes them flashlights that’s
not LED anymore and but this has got
some secret weapons in it and the first
of which is a 2.1 amp and a 1 amp power
outlets so you can charge your cell
phone charge your camera charge up your
equipment charge up your Oh light
whatever you want to do it’s got two
ports on it you can charge two items at
the same time and it’s also got a
charging port so you can plug this into
the wall and recharge it no more lost
batteries you know good for the
environment recycle all that garbage
bottom line is this thing’s killer and
when you push the button it’ll tell you
how much charge is left on it by four
little lights there you know 100 percent
seventy five fifty a quarter it’ll tell
you how much charge you have because it
shares the battery which is 10,000
milliamps 10,000 mAh that’s that’s the
the rating on this battery pack that’s
in here but it’s got three mode
flashlights the charging bank and also
if you hold this button down until it
turns blue and what that does is it
activates a hand warmer the hand warmer
supposed to go for like eight hours
continuous or something something absurd
like that I mean it’s crazy I have used
it I’ve used it after I gutted an animal
and then your hands are ice-cold because
it’s winter and snowy and then you just
pick up your little flashlight you have
pre-warmed and you warm your hands back
up put it back in your pocket and then
go back to work it’s a really good piece
of gear to have because it has multiple
functions like even if you don’t need
the light you can still it’s still
10,000 milliamps you can still charge
your cell phone your camera
other lights whatever you need to charge
your GPS if you have that kind of GPS
it’s super heavy-duty bomber
construction aircraft grade aluminum
water resistant dirt you know dust
shockproof all that garbage this is the
celestron thermal torch 10 three-in-one
flashlights I’ll put a link down below a
great piece of kit highly recommended
alright next up if you happen to be one
of those hunters that’s electronic
dependent and I am sometimes and
sometimes I’m not but one thing I always
take maybe it’s not always in my pack
but it’s always at camp always is be out
XE 20 thousand milliamp dual charger
system it’s a rapid charge this thing
actually charges my cell phone faster
than the house plug I think it’s because
the wall adapter I have is garbage but
this when I plug my cell phone into this
it charges a lot faster than the house
phone which is really cool or the house
the wall plug it’s a pretty simple
device it’s super rugged and heavy-duty
I banged it up pretty good I keep it
around because I can charge my camera
batteries I can charge all kinds of
stuff on it I can keep my cell phone
going in excess of a week with this for
a long camp it has a port on one side so
you can put two wall plug chargers into
it at the same time and I think it takes
about seven or eight hours for it to get
a full charge and once it’s got a full
charge it holds it forever it seems like
and then on the end you have the two
ports so you can charge your devices and
it comes with two cords – one that’s
like a micro USB and one it’s like a
Type C I think that’s the iPhone one or
something I’m not sure it also has a
flashlight on it and it has two modes on
the flashlight a high and a low and then
it has a flashing SOS you know 20,000
milliamps twenty thousand milliamp hours
so this thing right here will go for a
long long time if you were to park this
with the strobe pointing straight up you
probably got a good week or more of that
thing signaling to aircraft that you
need help somebody’s bound to figure it
out at that point it also has a you know
they can hype it up how cool this solar
charger is but it’s just a little solar
this kind of a panel is not going to
gather a lot of light but you do know
it’s charging because if you see that
red light that red light means the solar
panel is taking a charge so if I put it
against my chest the light goes out
because I’ve blocked the panel as soon
as I get soon as it starts to getting
light that red light comes back on and
says that it’s now charging the solar
panel so if you just leave this out
whenever you’re not using it
it’ll constantly maintain that charge
and that’s better than nothing in the
backcountry especially if you’ve just
charged your cell phone or charged up a
camera or something when you leave camp
to go hunt just throw this out on a rock
where it’s gonna get some sunlight you
can get rained on that’s not a problem
you can fall off the rock it’s still not
a problem and unless it’s completely
facedown in the dirt it’s still gonna
get a charge if you keep going like that
through the course of the the course of
a long week or to hunting this thing is
probably going to maintain enough charge
to keep all that your electronics going
the whole time that you’re out but it is
rugged it is kind of heavy
I didn’t weigh it I don’t know what it
weighs you know I’m sure that dad is on
their website and they sell different
models they have some lighter models and
some smaller models and some less charge
but if you’re gonna go go big or go home
write 20,000 milliamps for a couple of
you know for maybe a pound and a half
I’m down I don’t remember
I bought this off Amazon I think I paid
about 50 bucks for it I’m not exactly
sure but again I’ll leave you a link if
you want to pick one up by all means go
for it
yeah they didn’t send it to me I haven’t
talked to them I don’t know if they’re a
cool company I assume they’re in China
I don’t know I don’t know anything about
them I just know that I saw this on
someone else’s channel they had
recommended it and I went ahead and
bought one because I thought well that
sounds useful and I’ll tell you what I’m
glad I did because flashlights emergency
light solar panel and a wicked ass
charger so
out XD alright so next step is probably
something you wouldn’t expect me to show
you but I’m gonna anyway in in out
explain why this is the survival credit
card from survival hacks but and they
contact me like hey would you like to
review this and I’m like huh I don’t
know it’s not really my style but I
decided that I would for the simple fact
that I carry one not this one
I carry a different one but I figured if
I carry one anyway why wouldn’t I review
it and see if this is any better than
the one I have now it came with this
little whistle whistles garbage yeah I
don’t know if you’re gonna get much
volume out of that you do better to
carry a a different whistle but it came
with it so I just hung it there my dog
hates it so at least I can I can whistle
my dog back you know he’ll hear it it
has you know the standard things bottle
opener can opener or whatever a little
screwdriver compass magnifying glass
goofy little knife with some wrenches in
it and that’s not a gut hook it’s not
for skinning deer and squirrels that’s a
it’s a line cutter so I don’t know if
it’ll cut 550 but it’s meant for like
fishing line and things like that little
half serrated blade and a little fire
steel it’s got little rulers and printed
on the Sun the sides of it has a little
just a little tiny diamond knife
sharpener which is kind of neat and then
it’s got your standard toothpick and
tweezers that’s it that’s the whole kit
but I’ll show what I’ve been carrying
these are some of the other options that
I’ve had this is one from – logic and it
has a built in whistle on it much better
whistle you know maybe they should
incorporate that into this thing and
then it has a little flashlight which
works about half the time and it had a
fire steel embedded in here but it broke
out no big deal and it had a decent
little little knife tool I don’t carry
this in my pocket or in my wallet I
carry this in my first-aid kit I got the
tweezers I got so a little toothpick I
can pick splinters I can do those sort
of things the knife and everything is
pretty handy but that’s where I keep it
as in my first-aid kit
and the reason I do is because there’s
almost absolutely no consequence for
carrying it
you know if you need the little tool
right there handy then it’s right there
in your kit one of the older ones I had
before I had this one cuz I had this
other tool logic one it has essentially
the same stuff in the same configuration
you know it’s got toothpick and tweezers
that little bottle opener tool a goofy
little knife did I actually ground the
serrations out of he used to have a
compass but it broke out and a little
bit little magnifying glass the
magnifying glass isn’t good for very
much unless you’re really trying to just
inspect a splinter or something like
that I suppose you could probably start
a fire with it but why would you bother
if you have a fire steel or other tools
my point is this is not an all-in-one
survival tool oh yeah this is another
one that I used to keep in my first-aid
kit it’s one in a little you know a
little thing you’d you’d like answer
their email and they send you a freebie
you know that little thing so of course
their junk there you’re not gonna you’re
not going to go out and survive in
Alaska on a credit card tool but they’re
really really nice to just keep in your
first-aid kit and just have a couple of
tools with you and the addition of a
fire steel a good one that’s not glued
to the side of it is really really cool
it’s not a be all end all survival tool
but for 15 bucks or whatever you know
the consequence is minimal you can throw
it in your kit you can keep a new shirt
pocket you have it in case you need it
so always handy to you know if you have
to strike up a little fire or you have
to cut off a you know a bandage or
something like that you got something
like this and you’re not pulling out
your big knives and trying to go crazy
with it so you can find this online in
Amazon and you can find it on survival
hacks website they sent me a discount
code I’ll put it down below just like I
did with the other one
well I’ll also leave the amazon link and
i’ll tell you this right now you can
follow their code or not but it’s
cheaper on Amazon it’s cheaper without
their discount but I’ll put it down
there anyway because they gave to me so
there you go survival hacks survival
credit card 15 20 bucks you know good
for the for the hunter for the first aid
kit as a backup last resort
you know you know you need a primary and
alternate and tertiary plan this is
something beyond tertiary now this next
tool is something that I’ve carried for
years and years ever since they came out
with it not even know how long ago it
was I could probably use about ten of
them I put them in all of my gear and
then I wouldn’t have to change places
all the time as it is now this always
goes from pack the pack to pack any time
I go out anytime I go anywhere this
piece of gear is with me I paid for it I
bought it on Amazon it’s mine nobody
gave it to me to review or anything else
but if they want to send me some more
than happy to take them like I said I
could use about ten of them spread
evenly throughout my gear this is the
work sharp guided field sharpener
absolutely awesome tool I mean I can
sharpen a knife I can make my shuttin my
razor sharp polished up everything else
that’s great but when you’re skinning an
elk and you only have one or two knives
with you they get dull you know you Nick
a bone here cutting through hair there
they just get dull and it’s always nice
to be able to slap a quick sharpen on it
now they have these diamond sharpeners
on the plates there’s a coarse and a
fine each one can be flipped over and
put back in they’re held in place with a
magnet so it also leaves you a little
bit of storage space inside if you want
to cram a firesteel or some tender or
something in there you can definitely do
I generally put some stropping compound
in mine just a little piece of flex cuts
dropping compound so those clip on there
and it’s got a 20 degree bevel so that’s
what most of your factory knives come
with is preset in there on both sides it
also has a ceramic rod and the ceramic
rod has three positions it’s got fine
coarse and then it’s got a slanted
slotted position with some deep slots
that are for sharpening fish hooks and
needles and things of that nature and
then it has another ceramic rod back
here a little small one and that’s there
so you can sharpen the serrations if you
happen to have a serrated knife like on
your survival card last thing it’s got
is a leather strop embedded in it put a
little strapping compound on it give
your knife a nice clean strop after you
sharpen it
and it is razor sharp the last thing
that it has which is kind of a neat
little feature I’m glad they included it
but it’s got a narrow wrench and it’s
got both triangle and square tip three
blade and four blades so you can tighten
the arrow head onto the shaft and you
can take the little tip out of the
arrowhead if you need to change a blade
because sometimes those things get
really stuck so it’s got an arrowhead
wrench for both of those types of
arrowheads so if you’re a archery
shooter or an archery hunter and this is
double duty you can chuck your arrow
head wrench throw one of these in your
pack now you can sharpen your blades
sharpen your knives maintain your your
broad heads that one right there
without fail one of the best pieces of
gear my kit I love it have it all the
time won’t leave home without it and
that is the workshop guided field
sharpener little under 30 bucks about 28
and some change for for novice users and
without any specialized equipment or
anything cool you just can’t go wrong
with it it’s really really good so work
sharp we went through a pretty good
little amount of gear there this next
one again full disclosure I designed it
I think that it’s a great gift for the
hunter or someone who’s going to be out
in the country in the backcountry for a
long period of time I have like I said
with the workshop I could use about ten
of them spread through all my gear I do
have about ten of these and this one
here is brand new because I just tore it
out of the package to put it in my Hill
people gear so it can live there and
each one of my packs and he’s one of my
field kits all have one that lives in
them so it’s always got the same kit
with it now that is the snap kit from
tops knives or the survival needs and
preparedness kit this is one I invented
or I developed the knife it’s a very
interesting little blade kind of holds
like that for a skinner you can do some
chopping with it you’ve used some
defending with it you can lash it to a
stick you can do all kind of cool stuff
you know there’s an upright ups and
reviews and stuff on and I’m not gonna
go too crazy into it but this is what I
designed in my shop and and tops knives
now manufactures this the snap tool and
comes with tops whistle
which is okay the rubberband strap which
is good for starting fires and stuff but
it’s got a pretty heavy-duty little
button compass this one’s actually a
good compass it actually works well some
flagging tape why not for hunting right
also if you happen to wander out a camp
or if you get lost or isolated as soon
as you figure out you’re lost you can
start flagging your route with this
flagging tape so they can at least
follow it to you it’s got a nice little
fire steel it’s pretty stout for one of
these little kits works great it’s got a
little cotton pad you can use that for I
guess you could use it as a bandage but
you can also char it inside the tin to
make some char cloth to make your next
fire easier a little tiny fishing kit
there’s no sinkers but there’s a couple
of hooks and some monofilament line a
little dog tag shaped signal mirror some
Bank line it’s got a Fresnel lens in the
bottom of it a couple of safety pins
sail needles and a can opener so
basically what the kit covers is it
covers fire shelter food signaling not
really first-aid and not water so if you
were to throw a couple of band-aids in
here and some water purification tablets
then you would be set and you would
cover your survival needs so it just
goes together like that and a little
Altoid like tin and it has the full
contents on the back and that’s what
it’s for it’s for the hunter or
something if you’re leaving camp he may
be just gonna have to collect firewood
it’s there’s no consequence to dropping
this in your pocket and then if you do
get turned around lost or whatever and
you at least have enough stuff to make a
make a shelter and make a fire and get
through the night until you can find
your way back to camp or whatever it’s
just a really good backup as a military
sere instructor we would always teach
that you would keep one set a gear or
one set of survival gear on your body
and then one on your gear and then one
in your pack that way you have three
layers and you use the pack first and
then you do skier and then your body so
you would always have something small a
little survival kit on your body or on
your person so if you give if you got a
bust out of a hide or bust out into the
woods and break contact
at least you have something to make your
way back to friendly lines with so
that’s why I developed the kit that’s
what it is it’s the tops snap kit it’s
about 69 bucks I think I think there’s a
couple on my website at survival
hardware LLC comm but you can also get
them on Amazon but here’s the thing if
you want one get it because they go
whenever somebody has them in stock they
disappear really fast so don’t wait
around and try and decide on it they
really do go quick it’s a good little
kit to keep in your pocket just in case
you’re interested Hedgehog leather works
who I’m not affiliated with but they
make a really really nice leather belt
pouch that fits that Tim it’s designed
for the little the little Altoid 10 kit
that people like to carry they make a
really nice one it’s bomber it clips on
your belt really hard and heavy and it
fits that kit perfectly and it’s a it’s
a great way to actually transport this
kit snap tool from tops knives designed
by me so this next one really really
good piece of kit again I’ve been
carrying it around for years
it is the garmin etrex 20x I bought the
20 X because I didn’t need the 30 it has
some other features that they really
don’t matter but they have the 10 the 20
and the 30 by what you think is is
suitable for you it’s a great little GPS
it has some wiki connectivity and if you
read their website to talk about Waze
and all this all these little weird
systems and whatever they connect but
what I will tell you is I’ve never lost
connectivity even down in the valleys
and traveling next to the streams and
going up in over mountains anytime I’ve
ever looked at it it’s always been
connected and that’s what’s important to
me it’s a small little package
it’s a garment so there’s like buku
attachments and aftermarket things that
can go on it it’s got a 2.2 inch display
not great you know you can you can see
what you got to be doing it has three
points seven gigabytes of internal
storage so you can store maps and data
and waypoints and routes and geocaches
and whatever you’re into it’s got a
whole bunch of different loads just for
driving and that kind of stuff it has a
world wide base map the base maps kind
of shitty but at least it’s in there and
it’s world wide so at least if you go to
Spain or something you can find your way
back into the city back country stuff to
find a road here or trail there or
something they’re all in there like I
said it’s about $150 but I would say get
about 100 bucks
and buy a good hunting map for your
location I happen to use on X Maps I
think on X maps are great I love the
borders with this little app you know I
can know if I’m getting close to
somebody’s boundary and I can contact
them or I can contact the game warden
and I can make some other contact so I
can retrieve my game in atha chol way
legally I just don’t know that there’s
any other way to do it legally anymore
even in the middle of the mountains
there’s one little tiny spot of property
that belongs to some private person but
at least this if you get on X then the
borders are all pretty accurate and
you’ll know if you’re tiptoeing into
someone else’s territory that’s a good
thing to know it’s a great name we all
know and trust it it’s super rugged you
can download the Garmin software and you
can connect this directly into your
computer it comes with a cable
connecting to your computer and you can
do all kind of cool Garmin mapping stuff
with it download geocaches and you know
that kind of stuff it’s really accurate
that has a underneath the battery
compartment underneath the batteries
there’s a little fold-out piece that
holds the SD card and when you order
Onix Maps it comes on an SD card and you
just slide it right in that little slot
and it boots up most of the controls are
pretty intuitive if you just get it and
goof around with it for a while and just
click through and click buttons and
whatnot then you’ll figure out how to
use it pretty quickly for what you need
it for and then from there you can just
learn the other things as you need them
what kind of GPS do you use use the
Garmin do you not use a GPS or or
anything else let me know let me know
what kind of GPS or navigation device
you use this is a real quick and simple
and easy way to get back survival is not
for stupid people who want to test their
skills you may not think you need a GPS
I certainly don’t need it when you’re
compromised mentally and physically
there’s just no substitute for having a
good GPS plug in your your Waypoint and
you just follow the arrow all right the
last item I have for you is something
that’s special to me I helped develop it
again they are only available through US
and that is the leather-bound field
this is our our own design of the Thor’s
hammer field Journal you see the Thor’s
hammer design on it it is a snap closure
two pockets you can put index cards in
one put your Littlefield book in one
fold-over type design this strap is just
to keep her you can slide that out and
there’s a hidden pocket here where you
can keep pencils and pens or business
cards cash ID cards your hunting license
anything you want to goes inside there
with this strap you can take it out of
the keeper but that keeper there the
reason it’s there is you slide this out
and you can put it through your pack
strap and snap it on if it comes on snap
then it’ll still hang there because that
keeper is right there you can put it on
your belt and wear it like that we make
these we make bigger ones little wallets
that are the same shape they hold a
couple of credit cards and a little they
have a little stash pocket for cash or a
car key or something like that and them
really cool pieces of gear so yeah if
you contact us and and you tell us what
kind of leather and all these little
features that you want on it what size
book you want in it that kind of thing
that we can kind of price everything out
and figure out what its gonna cost us to
make it and then give you a little quote
on it and then and then build it for you
so it’s a really really cool gift for
the outdoorsman like I I carry mine all
the time I keep things in it like like
field sketches of stand locations and no
animal trails and things like that that
I’ve seen I also keep just general notes
about this and that some of my
production notes are in here gear lists
things I need to buy it’s just a really
cool handy kind of a classy way to go
instead of just having some nylon
notebook yes it’s a little heavier than
a nylon one but sometimes you just got a
sometimes you just got to have a little
old-world style and old-world class and
that’s just what that is so hope you
enjoyed that and good items that any
hunter would really really enjoy having
in their bag not really specific to
hunting season but just outdoor life in
general those are kind of my go-to s and
things that
that I always kind of have with me when
I’m in the field I thought maybe I’d
share that with you if you haven’t done
it already please subscribe click that
notifications bell so you get notified
when I have new uploads thank you once
again for watching good luck this
hunting season and I will see you on the
next one

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