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Hello everyone
My name is Andreas,
and this is Friluftskanalen.
Today i am gonna show you the basics about firesteels.
That’s because we have noticed that
alot of people are curious about them
mostly people who have not dared
to test themselves.
It is after all very different from starting a fire with
a lighter or matches.
Therefore, I will now show the basics.
We may record a new video in the future with some
more advanced techniques.
Such as different kinds of kindling for different seasons and such.
Because it’s not always optimal conditions.
Let us take a look at the basics then.
As you may know, they come in many shapes and sizes.
But i prefer the larger ones, especially those with
bone or antler grip.
It adds to the feeling.
But most common is plastic.
And as i said, they are available in all kinds of designs.
You will also need something to strike the steel with.
Some prefer to use a knife.
But personally i think that is to bulky.
So i do recommend a small striker.
This one is made of antler as well.
I like the looks of it.
If you still choose a knife to strike the steel with
make sure that the spine of your knife is sharp.
Preferably grinded 90 degrees.
That creates the best spark rain.
This knife is a Real Steel Bushcraft Folder,
a knife we have reviewed in another video.
And it has a great spine for this purpose.
So i can recommend this one if you want to use a knife.
But today i am gonna use my striker.
So lets put away the knife for now.
There is a lot of materials to use as kindling.
And this is the science part of using a firesteel
to be able to make a campfire in different environments
and weathers.
But today we will keep it simple.
For example you can use birch bark, tinder fatwood
or maybe dry grass.
Or what’s available for the moment.
As a beginner i recommend to start
with birch bark or fatwood.
It is illegal to gather fatwood in
Sweden if you don’t own the land.

Or have permission from the landowner.
So the easiest way to get it is to buy it from
a outdoor shop.
Lets start prepare our fire.
A trick is to use a piece of birch bark to
start the fire on.
That will make it easier to transfer your fire to
the intended location for your campfire.
That is because it can be tricky to start
the first fire inside the fireplace
or among the logs.
Today we will use birch bark.
There are different techniques.
Some prefer to scrape off.
But I think that can be difficult and it will be
very volatile.
The slightest breath of breath will blow away the bark.
So i like to cut strings from the birch bark instead.
Cut enough to make a small pile.
When it comes to collecting and preparing materials
for your campfire….
It do require knowledge and experience.
So that is a subject for a later video.
But if you learn the basics
such as the scraping techniques and such….
Then you can start experiment with different kindling.
But bring a lighter or matches as well.
Because this may require a lot of practice .
Make sure that you have enough fule to be able
to grow your fire.
As i said this is only basis of your fire.
You may use ferns and sticks as well as long as it is dry
to help your fire grow.
That’s what it’s all about.
You start small and then help the fire to grow.
So finally you have a big and cozy campfire.
But everything begins small.
So let us prepare our firesteel and striker.
I know of two different ways to use a firesteel.
One way is to push your striker or knife downwards.
The other way is to hold the striker or knife steady and
pull the firesteel towards yourself.
I usually prefer to stabilize the
birch bark with the end of the firesteel.
That´s good if it’s windy outside.
Now you see that it’s burning a little bit here.
Then we start adding more and bigger fuel.
So finally we will have a little fire
which you can transfer to the fireplace.
That’s how easy it is.
It does not have to be particularly tricky at all.
There. We shall not put any wood on fire.
It’s pretty dry today.
As said.
Those two techniques
Pull the firesteel, or push the striker.
It’s up to everyone to choose which you prefer.
You must also find a steel that you are comfortable with
because then it will be much more fun to practice.
The learning curve may be steep
especially if you start practicing during a wet season.
But as I said
birch bark is great to start practicing with.
Shred or scrape it.
If you want to make it really easy, you can buy fatwood.
Then you get started very fast.
One of these is enough for a long time
and does not cost much.
So when you’re out, you can collect your birch bark
and such to let it dry at home.
So you’re ready for your next trip.
With a firesteel you can also light the storm cooker
and it’s enough for a lot of fires.
And it does not matter if it’s soaked
it still works.
This is something that may
require practice to learn properly.
It’s about having a little feeling.
And to have the knife or the striker
at 45 degrees against the firesteel.
And make sure the back of your tool is sharp.
That’s what I had to say about firesteels.
Out in the woods and practice
And have fun in nature.

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