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  1. Hopefully you realize that your trap is unable to contain a fish since it has large openings in the sides, right? Seems the trick there would be to make it out of straight sticks, or straighten your sticks out as you are tying them in. Too many gaps in that trap to be usable, my friend!

  2. we since have made a much better video with a far superior method. check out ultimate primitive fish basket on our channel

  3. My grandpa use that trap when he was young and in midle 50 – 60 at east borneo indonesia , only with bamboo

  4. This is a a very good trap but a good way to get cat fish is to put some rocks at the bottom and then put your bait in. And it will sink down . But when you do it tie a rope or par cord to a tree.

  5. trap looks like it doesn't work. Why not show it working? Because it ain't working. A lot of talk no results.