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Hi, I’m Mark from OpticsPlanet and I’m here in beautiful Northbrook, Illinois, USA to try and
take away some of the mystique about selecting a flashlight or an illumination product.
This is probably not the best choice if you want something to carry in your pocket. Ladies, in your
purse. This is probably not what you’re looking for if you’re at the side of the road trying to change
a flat tire at night. It’s all about determining what your needs are. One of the first things you
should think about is the bulb, itself. Over the years, bulbs have changed from incandescent
which are still available, but you’ll also have the option these days of selecting an LED or
a light emitting diode as the illumination source. There are some benefits to LEDs that
incandescent don’t have. An LED has no moving parts, it has no filament, it’s virtually impervious
to shock. They have a very low current draw so your batteries will last a long time. As a matter of fact,
for a weapon mounted light, an LED is an excellent choice because of the weapon mounted light, you’ve
got a lot of recoil. There’s no filament in here to move, nothing to break, last a very long time.
Most incandescents are rated in hours. A typical incandescent may last from 6 to 7 hours
before they give up the ghost. You won’t have that problem with an LED light because they are rated
in the 10’s of 1000’s of hours. Incandescents have some benefits as well. Typically, they are,
for a given voltage, they’re brighter than their LED counterpart. The lower ends are filled with
argon or krypton. The higher ends are filled with the xenon gas. That gas causes the filament to
last longer. The more expensive it is, the longer that incandescent bulb is going to last.
So, you need to make a decision between which type of bulb you think you’d like. We mentioned
briefly that it affects the longevity of the batteries. An LED kinda ‘sips’ at the power where an
incandescent is going to draw those batteries down very quickly. There are a number of different
types of batteries that you can select for your illumination tool. You want to go with something
that’s going to have a long shelf life. Alkalines are starting to catch up a little bit. You’ll typically see
a lithium battery that may have a 10-12 year shelf life. Right now, you can purchase certain
alkalines that have a 7 year shelf life. So, that’s coming closer together. Lithium batteries tend
to have a much better cold weather performance. So, if you’ve got something that you keep in the
truck overnight, during the winter time, or if you have a remote cabin, a lithium battery would be
a good choice for that. One of the questions we get quite often concerns lumens and candle power.
Lumens is a measure of the entire amount of light that’s coming out. Let’s say you’re walking down
to the convenience store and you want to buy a pack of cigarettes and on the way home
it starts to rain and 100 gallons of rain comes down, spread out all over the neighborhood.
That 100 gallons would be lumens. Now, let’s say you go down to the convenience store and you’re
buying a pack of cigarettes and you come back and your neighbor’s house is on fire. You’re not paying
attention and the fireman opens up the fire hose and 100 gallons comes out and hits you in the side
that’s completely different from that 100 gallons that’s coming down from the cloud.
That 100 gallons coming out of the fire hose will be candle power. Candle power is the measurement
of the focus of the beam. So, once again, we need to determine what you need: if you need
something that throws light over a large area, if you need something that’s tightly focused.
We do carry brands that you can do both with, that have a focusing reflector where you can change it
from a very wide beam to a spot. We have them also in smaller sizes. There’re a whole variety of sizes.
Once again, you have to think about what you’re going to do with this light. You want to figure out if
you’re going to put this in a small area. We have some very small lights that would fit in a
personal survival kit. This is one of my favorites, very tiny light, very bright bright for its size.
This uses 1 AAA battery. Inside this one I’ve got one of the lithium battieries. Another bonus of the
lithium that we didn’t mention is its weight. Comparing a lithium to a comparable alkaline
battery. You’re going to get a much lighter battery by using a lithium battery. Lithium batteries come
in a lot of different sizes. You can get AAs, AAAs, you can get the CR123 As like we would find
in this, here. This is also a light emitting diode, LED. It has a unique feature to it. Some flashlights don’t
have this: this button in the back can actually be locked out. I’m pushing the button now and the
light’s not coming on. I have one of these earlier models which was, actually, this very light.
I had it in the trunk of my car. It got pushed, it was laying on a suitcase and the handle on the suitcase
started to melt and filled the car with this noxious black smoke, so, in the future I started looking for
a light with lockout on it. You can back this off a little bit. No matter how many times you push this,
it’s not going to come on. You can twist it down, almost all the way, and now you have intermittent
light. You can press on this, turn it on, let it off, it shuts off. Twist down all the way and it stays on.
So, it’s easier if you have to hold this to do something. You don’t want to hold this in an
awkward position, pushing your thumb in all the time. That’s a good use of that. Some of the very
small LED light modules use, what are called, coin batteries. These have a very long life, being a
lithium battery. They don’t leak. I don’t know if anyone in the audience is old enough to remember
Christmas time when we used to have the lead mercury batteries and in about 24 hours your
toy was ruined because it would leak. These lithium batteries do not leak. This puts out quite a bit of
light for its size. Again, this would be perfect for something like using on a briefcase on an airplane
if you travel a lot, if you have long flights, you may not want to wake up your seatmate. Just keep this
in your wallet, keep this in your briefcase and you can see all the things that are in there without
bothering anybody. There are quite a few accessories that are available for flashlights.
Who would’ve thought? We have holsters that you can slip light into. Keep it on your belt, keep it
handy. If you happen to be in law enforcement or military, we have the same type of thing that uses
MOLLE attachments. We have containers that will allow you to carry batteries safely.
This particular one comes in two colors: it comes in clear plastic and dark, so it’s easy for you to tell.
You put four of them in here. As you run through these batteries, you can tell which ones have been
used and which ones haven’t. You just move them from one side to the other as you’re going through
these batteries. Other special purpose lights include this headlamp. Some of the headlamps come with
different filters. You’ll find many of the flashlights can have accessories, different color filters that
you can use on the front of the light. Some lights also come with just one color. If you have a
dedicated special purpose light: you’ve seen the people, the TSA agents at the airport that are
checking the ID to make sure you’re not trying to pass off something counterfeit to them,
they’re using an ultraviolet light. It’s not visible by the naked eye but it does cause the reflective
inks in the identification to fluoresce so that they can see if you’re telling the truth about this.
For civilians, we’ve got a lot of different choices. This particular model, up here, we have a red
filter. Red is really useful if you spend a lot of time in the woods for people, also, that are trying to avoid
detection but the red is not visible from a great distance away. If you’re working with maps,
you may want to look into what is printed on your map and in what color because different colors
will cause that particular feature in the map, in that color, to fade away. So, this may not be your best
choice in map reading but it is useful with night vision and, again, it’s very difficult to detect this
red color from a great distance away. If you happen to be a fisherman, a green filter is an excellent
choice. Green light at night is a very soft light and it has a tendency not to spook animals, especially
fish. If you’re fishing at night, you’re sitting on the shore, you’re not going to pull up your bright white
light because the fish are going to leave and you’re not going to have a really good evening…
unless you’ve brought beer. This was the green filter. Blue, again, is very useful at nighttime. This
particular set of keys has an integral blue LED on it. When you’re coming in at night and you want to
open a lock. You can get a good shot at that lock without alerting people around you that, hey, there’s
somebody there fumbling with their keys. Blue is like red in the sense that it can’t be seen from
a great distance. You’ll see a lot of different choices as far as accessories that come with flashlights.
Some come with lanyards, some come with holsters. This particular model, again, one of my
favorites that goes in my personal survival kit. This is a dual use clip. It has a clip that’ll let you clip it to
a pocket but it also recurs so this can go onto a ball cap. If you need hands-free, trying to change that
tire at night, get your ball cap on, you turn your light on here, and now I’m light-headed. Thank you.
We’ve covered most of the features and we’ve covered most of the accessories and, again, if
you’re going to look for a light at OpticsPlanet, think about what you’re going to do with it, think about
the temperature range you’re going to be working with (it’ll help you determine what type of batteries
you might use), think about the size, think about where you can keep this if it’s going in a glove box,
going in a purse, we even have very small illumination products that would fit in a wallet,
think about the price range (these things go from $5 to $5000). We have one I wasn’t able to bring
today because I’m weak and couldn’t carry it but it’s made to mount on the barrel of a tank and it will
light up your neighbor’s dog. Got a yippy dog next door or those? Just ignite him on the spot.
These are one of the better, more exciting product categories that we sell just because there’s so much
variety to them. You can even skip out on batteries altogether. This particular model has a wind-up
generator in it. Turning this crank will charge the capacitor inside. Once that’s done, the capacitor
is charged, this LED will run off that capacitor. So, you can do without batteries altogether. This would
be a perfect choice for some type of emergency kit if you live in a tornado prone area, so there are a lot
of power outages, like there are in Cook County, Illinois, USA. This would be an excellent choice.
If there’s anything in here that we didn’t cover that you’d like to know, give us a call. That’s what
product intelligence is here for. We answer questions about the products. We enjoy these
products, we use these products, and we want you to have something that you will be happy with long
term, so, give us a call. Thanks for watching.

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