5 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Led How To Shop At 7:47

  1. I honestly believe one of the key reasons people are not prepared is because, we take technology for granted.

  2. My family loves all your videos cooking woodsman nutrition please keep making them esp the woodsman and cooking videos God Bless You Thanks
    Browne Family

  3. i never rib to stick together make a fire im from nz and some of our wild life carry tb

  4. If you can help yourself first, then you can help other's. In some cases πŸ˜‰
    Katrina was hell, man. We're lucky the Northeast isn't usually hit. Got my stuff together for any to go situation. I've been through a few nasty hurricanes in the SE too and in the South, those shelves get bare very quickly. I know folks who had water spouts drop fish in driveways; you can bet folks were cooking those up!

  5. Thanks for the video, it’s very helpful, but as we prepare for survival in this life, we should be prepared for the hereafter as well, as this life is so short no matter how careful you are, we have to be much prepared for our eternal life in paradise or in hell fire, the choice is ours, try to read Coran and get ready for the coming life, you are a good man, and hopefully you do some research in the internet, everything is easy now days, as your message has been received all the way from America to Africa, you could learn in the other things you don’t have knowledge in, best of luck mate, keep the good momentum