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Hello! Hello! Hello!
I am kind of getting ready for my trip. That’s coming up!
So I’ve already made up my mind, it’s gonna be Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
And as the unprofessional, the highly amateur person who know jack-shit about exploring,
I am going to pack my stuff and get my gear ready, because I am gonna be flying in about a week from now.
And speaking of this professional transposing,
that’s what I’m gonna call it.
Professional trans passing, I got my gear if there’s such thing for trans Tassie, it’s basically hiking gear,
so whatever you want to call it,
you call me Nass urban exploring protection,
No! Not protection!
I don’t even know what to call it,
but I’m ready and I got some pants today from a place actually…what was this place called…
Louie, you’re sitting on my bag! Okay~
This place is called Decathlon.
It’s supposed to be like a sports place in Hong Kong,
and they sell all sorts of sports stuff.
Eh yeah! It leaves anything from…
like marathons hey and put up…hay in…
anything from like marathon stuff, golf, a question…
I got this pants.
They’re actually not bad.
Actually let me try to put them on.
Speaking of which
it would be nice to put some pants on,
which probably tells you that I don’t have any pants on.
Shame! Shame!
Melocat is doing livestream not wearing pants.
How inappropriate!
Okay, there we go.
How’s it going in? Ah? You know
I still haven’t done my homework yet for my thing,
but I’ve only done like a little bit, but considering I still have a week, I’m kind of procrastinating just a little bit…
uh-huh that’s see?
Hey, bukey~ what up?!
Sorry, I was a movie today.
I was supposed to stream like a an hour
and a half ago, but how still in the movie.
I was watching like skyscraper,
so I couldn’t…so sorry!
But it’s a good movie, it wasn’t like swamped
by like Chinese messages and stuff,
so I’m quite happy, because the last time,
that movie producer wasn’t called?
What’s that movie producers call?
That made… that made a Pacific room…
I forgot.
Anyway, that company they had a lot of like
Chinese stuff in it, and it wasn’t really that cool,
because it kind of ruined the whole movie,
I think this time they kind of toned it down a little bit,
so it was okay.
Wait? Where’s my glasses?
Where are you guys doing?
They’re all show you uh
I’ll show you what my pants up like…here!
I got these the hiking pants.
And they got these like articulated knees
which is very good. It’s really cheap!
You know this is only 239 bucks, and I thought… Hey Decathlon! Hey, good morning Dave!
Sorry guys, I’m late today.
And I thought it was a Chinese brand right?
I mean a lot of the stuff that
they have is made in China as without things,
but it’s actually like a French brand.
So I’m like… What?! Serious?
It’s called Decathlon! Decathlon~
This place – “Decathlon”
Do you guys have that in your country?
Doing cosplay stuff… Oh Nice!
Lukey, you should talk to Travels of the Cat,
he’s into cosplay stuff.
They still did the same America bashing, but yes they really toned it down this compared to Pacific Rim.
Yeah, Travels of the Cat,
what’s that movie Baker called? I forgot!
But yeah~ anyway it is not bad,
I would recommend it.
And did you guys want to see..
the shoes that I got?
It’s like this…
Because the hiking shoes that I had before,
the sides here they’re not like so much a bootcut,
and they don’t really protect…
Legendary pictures thank you!
And they don’t really protect my ankles nearly as much,
and these ones, I thought the color is less obvious
a little bit more conspicuous than before,
because my hiking shoes are like… what is it?
Purple black and neon green reflector stripes,
so I don’t think that’s good for urban exploration,
despite that pair of shoes is really good.
I didn’t have much of a choice, so I picked up these on this. What do you guys think?
This is pretty cheap!
My pants are… 30 bucks U.S.
And this is $47 U.S.
Not bad, right?
They look really comfortable.
They look really comfortable.
But uh yeah so I like them too.
I like them, I was trying to convince Travels of the Cat to get like a pair of these, and get some… see?
They actually have these really good pockets,
and you know sorry.. but in this crotch area,
it’s like really stretchy here. So it’s super good.
Sorry I have to show you my crotch,
if I was a guy, that would be completely obscene.
They may be French, but they’re not sold as.
Come on!
Good for running into the room.
I know, because I have this pair and I have the khakis.
The other parents that I wore to my other explorations, because I only have that one pair,
and in Malaysia, I can’t… there’s no laundry place,
so I instead of going up they get like dirty clothes.
What’s the other knee?
They are articulated these!
I don’t even know what that means?!
Articulated like… I don’t know… enhanced?
Oh~ let me show you my gear!
Would you like to see my respirator?
Yes, you would like to see my respirator!
I was having this conversation
just earlier today with travels of the cat,
and he said that I should bring a respirator at this time.
And let me see? Wait, sorry you guys!
Just had the boobs you hear…
consider bring some gloves as well?
Yes, I think I will. Okay~
You guys are about to find out
what’s underneath my couch.
Wait! Let me get rid of these things.
There’s so many things here!
Couch! See? In Hong Kong,
underneath our couch it’s like storage space,
the pause distracted me, I’m sorry~
Okay, wait just hold on. Let me get rid of these.
Okay, I will show you.
Oh! This is a cat Sushi by the way.
It’s my cat toy. Cat toy! Catnip!
Would you like some catnip?
Okay, sorry~ I got distracted.
Okay! Here is what’s underneath.
I got these gloves.
Last time I went to the Ganjam Psychiatric Hospital,
I had to share one with Wendy,
so I learned a lesson,
I’m not gonna go with somebody who’s unprepared.
Oh! My cats! No! Giving it to my stuff…
Okay, wait!
I’m gonna show you what’s underneath my couch.
Okay. See there’s all these stuff.
That’s underneath my couch and it’s not even funny.
Would you like to see some of what’s in here?
I got a BurnTec, first aid for burn.
Talk about getting tactical here.
Yeah my cat said that’s that’s completely unnecessary. Nope!
I have like a full-on respirator.
No shit!
Like… I mean it, you guys!
Seriously, like this is actually like really serious shit!
Because this is my professional trespassing!
Fuck that! No, I think it’s just so that
I don’t want to die from reading an asbestos.
If anybody tells you there’s such thing
as professional Purbeck Lee,
you can just slap them in the face
and tell them to fuck off.
Comes with a filter?
Of course it comes with a filter…
And I’m still trolling like the ass from yesterday
which I’m thinking right now, all right?
If anybody tells you the professional or rich or handsome or intelligent,
they’re actually not so much that way.
These things are not up to you to say,
is up to other people to say.
Okay, another thing that I have is…
Oh where does it go?
Where does it go?
Where’s whoosh?
I don’t need a tourniquet!
Why would I need a tourniquet?
The title of this video! I know!
I’m still trolling that asshole.
The reason why is because one of my supporters from Singapore, she was asking me like who’s a guy right?
Like to be honest, I don’t care about that fucker, but the thing is he’s like.. Oh is it like and he’s like is it this guy?
I’m like… Yeah! How do you know?
It turned out he actually reached him seven years ago, and he was the same asshole that he is right now.
Hey! What up?
He talked… Hello!
In the division I know that’s like the division gear.
He talked…
Hi~ Say hi to everyone. Everyone, say hi to he talked.
He’s new to my life.
Have you seen my other videos?
You probably haven’t, right?
Are you probably just found me somehow?
Through the livestream.
And I have MRE at home.
Should I bring MRE?
Do you guys know what MRE is right?
It’s basically like food that soldiers eat.
All you have to do is like
bring this shit to the battlefield.
Now just add water to it. Add water!
How do you have a nice heated lunch?
Just like a ten thousand calorie thing.
Department of Defense United States of America.
Menu 18 beef ravioli and Beach sauce.
Okay, all right! This looks good.
Oh! Cool! We’ll keep talking
if you haven’t subscribed, please do!
Don’t forget to follow me,
because I do live streams everyday.
I usually do it…
Pacific time is seven to seven which should be an hour and a half ago and then 12 hours later.
Yeah! But today I was watching a movie, so I can’t!
The French MRE are good.
Actually the Taiwanese ones were very good too.
Yeah, but I wonder what kind of shits in there…
It’s a… Oh! And I got lots of antibiotics here.
Do we have any antibiotic fans?
Do we have any medicine fans in the house?
Don’t even know how to pronounce this?
Okay. And we have…
What do we have?
You know, in case crap happens, you can actually come to my house, and you will have a lot of antibiotics.
Ready to go?
The only medicine that I don’t have at home
are the stuff for some of the stuff for stars.
When I went to Thailand…
yeah it was actually really cool.
They sell you can buy antibiotics there, like never before.
And they thought I was a pharmacist too.
I was like… No!
What? What our band in Korea house?
What do you need? He talked what’s your question?
That Dow sounds like a true winner!
Acyually you know he’s actually famous for that!
People in Singapore actually hate him!
Because he’s the one who Rudes it for everyone
Actually we have someone like that in Hong Kong true.
I’m not gonna say who.
People who know who they are know who they are.
But they are so called the people
who introduced it to the local people who never will go,
but they kind of bring that wow factor into like the press, but at the expense of everyone else,
because they ruined it for everyone.
And that guy is really like a dickhead,
I don’t want to go into it.
But… yeah, from the screen caps that someone sent me, I’m not even surprised why he doesn’t that friend.
Probably sulking because…
yeah he doesn’t have friends.
I just hold on… hold on!
I can’t…hear myself…
Can you guys hear me, okay?
Let’s see! Bring a light straw…
Whoo! Yes. That’s what I was gonna show you.
I do have a life straw you betcha!
Hey Amanda!
Amanda, hello!
I didn’t know you guys stay up this late.
Oh my god! Okay, cats! Get the hell out of there.
I have a life straw.
Actually now that you mention it, I do have a life straw.
Where’s my life straw?
There is a life straw in here somewhere,
I remember seeing it before…
and I have some stuff that writes Russian on it,
and I can’t find my life straw…but I do have a life straw.
Actually in fact I have a bunch of life straws,
it’s not even money.
Oh should I bring… should I… speaking of…
Should I break one of these?
Flashlights for ravers?
Okay, wait! It’s not a rave party.
It’s not a rave party. What was I thinking? No~~
Okay, there we go.
Let’s see! Speaking of antibiotics, news about someone sold…about those people who are made of tissue..
What? Made of tissue? What tissue?
What tissue were you talking about?
We talking about… I don’t understand.
So it’s fake? Are you serious?
So that means what I have to put it like when I have to like put it… it’s a test? Like it doesn’t work?
Can like… okay, so after… what is just…?
It’s all dried up! It’s all dried up! Then we with this?
In Malaysia, getting… get highly did you visit? I’m not even in Malaysia yet. Ah~ okay, let’s see! What else?
And a LifeStraw! Yeah~actually you just reminded me.
I did have some life drawers there,
but I just can’t find them right now, so it’s really about bringing a fire starter. Are you serious now?
No… It’s really bad.
Um… I do have like a rope thingy.
In case I needed to climb out of my house
when I was living on lower floor,
but I don’t think I need that anymore.
I don’t think I can actually climb out up
where I am right now, it would be a shame.
but why would I want to start a fire?
That’s a tissue.
Okay, why I don’t even know
why I have that to be very frank? To be very frank.
Say for some antibiotic made of tissue?
Huh yes it’s good for repelling a pocketknife.
Actually I yes a pocketknife someone told me to bring a tactical pen which I don’t have access to on.
What is that the getting gigglin I have you?
I haven’t done my homework yet.
Oh there it is… Oh my cat’s dog to my life straw.
There is bite marks on mine life straw.
Should I open it just to inspect it?
Okay, I’ll just open it first.
No, there’s like bite marks on it.
Crap! Crap! But I do.
Should I bring this?
Are you… you know before I go off to my trip, you guys are gonna help me pack my luggage,
so this is gonna be one of the stuff.
Wait! Until I actually have to use that…
okay don’t open it yet.
Fine~ I just want to see it I mean…
what’s this yellow mark?
Have you guys been peeing it?
No, it’s not pee it, does not smell like pee.
Don’t even know what’s in here?
Makeup remover pads…
No, I got more filters for my mask.
That’s about it. Should I bring some MRE that has like Russian written all over it?
Cuz I have a pack right here all.
Show you what I got!
Yeah yellow kitty cat! He’s… he’s probably…
He’s probably sneaking up on let me stuff right now. There’s so much stuff under my coat. Sorry buddy~
NAR emergency trauma dressing.
Yes, talk about getting tactical.
Oh okay…
Oh this is a the light is a little bit bad there we go.
Yeah well we talked about
we’re getting I’m now…
getting ready to go to Singapore Malaysia Thailand and in Vietnam…to do some explorations.
Starting the end of this month, and I’m getting ready by packing some of the gear that I have.
And I just need people to help me…
you know I will go again now. No, it’s not fighting, no~
Oh there’s my Russian MRE.
Can’t reject shit on it.
A rain poncho ah~You’re right!
A rain poncho!
You mean like the disposable ones? The disposable ones or what? Like the one use ones, right?
Okay, now my cats are all over this.
I don’t even know how to close this anymore.
It’s what you like to get off… No!
They’re getting into my stuff.
The Russian MRE…
Well, I’m not sure if I need MREs,
because these places I’m going to… their food is normal. It’s not like I’m going to like a third world.
You know country where I can’t find food,
so I don’t think I’ll actually need to bring MRE.
Ok, move away~
I’m gonna have to ask you to get out this.
Okay, there we go. Make sure clear, no cats.
Okay, there we go.
There we go there.
Yeah, they’re about to attack my stuff. It’s…
There we go.
All right.
Sound good.
And if I get a good go urban exploration
or am I going to the forest?
I don’t know. If I have to go exploration in an…
Oh! Left this out! And put it back.
If you know the Highland Tower of Malaysia.
Ha! You know I have yet to do my homework.
I don’t know that many places at Malaysia yet,
but Malaysia turned out it’s actually really really big.
It’s actually a lot bigger than I thought.
It’s a lot bigger than I thought, so I have to plan my trip.
I was thinking about taking the the train
that goes from Singapore to Malaysia.
I have anyone in you guys they taking that train before?
Is it worth the time?
Because it seems like it takes forever.
I’m not sure if it’s worth the heartache.
but it seems really cool to be able to sleep
in the train, because they have like…
actually have like first class with beds and their own showers and stuff, so I might want to do it,
just for the experience.
Highland Tower?
Let me Google it up!
Let me Google it up!
There we go.
Oh what’s all this dust coming from?
Traveling with a big backpack not actually
that’s one of the concerns, because…
in Vietnam and in Malaysia, I was told that
I have to be careful about like my bags and stuff,
because pickpockets is a huge thing,
if they might cut your bags.
So…Should I get one of those safety backpacks
where people can’t do anything like it looks
like kind of like a turtle shell?
Should I get one of those?
Not so sure~
Bring… I can’t.
I don’t think I can actually bring pepper spray,
it’s illegal in some of these countries.
I don’t think I can even bring it.
Even if it’s in my checked luggage as much as I’d like to.
Yeah, those are not big size. Eric, you’re right!
Those are very small. I don’t think I can actually fit all…
wreck hats stop terrorizing my cats!
Stop terrorizing like my cats!
Yeah, my cats are having a bit of rampage.
Take the trade to Butterworth Penang.
They go to into Bangkok.
What I can actually take?
I can actually take the train to Bangkok?
I didn’t know that.
But I have the tickets for Bangkok already,
so I don’t need it.
Whoa~ right cat!
My cats are going crazy!
What’s going on you guys?
Having some sort of situation up there?
I don’t know what they’re doing?
Okay, anyway.
Hey! So no MRE, I need…
I got my second pair of pants, I got my shoes.
I won’t bring the flashlights.
I won’t bring the flashlights that I brought from Travels of the Cat last time. That really wasn’t overkill.
Yeah so Travels of the Cat, if you’re still here,
just so you know, I’m not gonna Jack your flashlight
this time, because it’s too much.
And I hate that thing..
Wood Creaking, three clicks.
I just can’t do it! I just can’t do it!
It drives me insane nothing.
So would recommended I get familiar with that thing? But I’m just not good at.
Good on it! Oh, hi~
Why are you licking my backpack?
Like you’re licking my backpack.
That’s my nerdy geeky backpacks.
All right! So… no intense flashlight, right?
I’ll just bring like a regular flashlight, if anything…
just like a regular one, I think those are the best.
But even like with my new setup right?
I will have the light that goes with my gimbal.
So basically where I put my gimbal, there will be light,
so chances are I don’t have to bring one.
I’ll just bring it like my headlights.
That’s it!
For simpler people, screw you Travels of a Cat.
Yeah, you think you’re…
are you part of the the professional urban explorers?
Is that that’s the professional transpo sir…
you know what?
I start to suspecting you probably that guy’s friend.
Yeah~ Oh! You are not that guy.
Oh~Travels of the Cat~
He’s a snobby one… everyone!
And that my buddy Travels of the Cat’s a bit of a snob.
I just found out after knowing him for so long.
It’s sad! It’s sad! It’s sad!
Okay, so I’m just gonna have like a checklist ready.
Oh~ so many things to do this week before I fly!
But some of my friends told me is like…
It’s crazy! Who stays in Singapore for a week?
It’s like you’re gonna get so bored.
I’m like we’ll see about that! We’ll see about that!
But…yeah lots of homework to do.
I usually don’t do homework before I travel.
Last time you watch your video…
I watch my video? Oh, you watched it!
Oh! Thank you.
There’s a lot of other ones except for that one.
That is not the scariest place of all,
I can assure you already. Not the scariest!
I’m not going in for the scare, I’m going in for it…
I’m going in for the stories you people.
If I need to be scared, there’s a lot of things
I can scare myself with – the exploration,
I don’t have to explore to scare
the hell out of myself. I really don’t.
Oh~I have to get my keyboard fixed before I go.
I popped one of the chords. The keyboard buttons! Crap!
Okay, well… you guys!
I’m probably gonna go to bed soon.
Reason being is because I actually have to work tomorrow.
Yeah! It’s like last day of horse racing tomorrow for the season, so I have to get up pretty early,
cause it’s last day was worth earlier.
I’ll try to stream in the morning which is ten hours from now, but if not, I’ll do it at night. At about the same time.
Right! As same time is right now, except for two hours earlier, so yeah I’ll keep you guys posted,
but just so you guys know, I’m going to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.
so if you have any good places that you would like to that you know how you know let me know,
yeah and I sound congested as ever as usual.
My cats are ignoring me!
Yeah, good night! Good night, Dave, Yuki.
Good night, Travels of the Cat! Good night, he talk!
First time see you, coming more often!
Yep, Eric, good night! Good night~
And yeah so I’ll see you guys later,
and Ian I’m not sure if he’s still here.
I’m not sure if a man is still here,
but I’ll say goodbye~ Good night!

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  1. Don't worry Miss Melody… your professionalism is enough to make me keep liking your videos

  2. -.- 239 dollars for pants is far from cheap unless it's that "Hong Kong" cash….

    I believe the green snap lights are the best, red doesn't illuminate as well as green but also it has a lower visual profile, neither will harm night vision for the most part, I read that the only benefit to red is that it has less illumination so it can't be seen but really if you're using glow sticks it's so you can see and know where you've been and red probably isn't bright enough for that especially if you want to gtfo asap, I think green is better overall because you can see way more from the amount it illuminates and at the same time it also doesn't kill your night vision like a flashlight would…..so basically green is the best for Urbex imo, just because the idea of using them is to illuminate areas for long periods and green does that the best since you can see a lot more where if it was red you wouldn't see nearly as much.

    I like the idea of glow lights, you can tell which rooms you were already in and it keeps things mildly illuminated, enough to die a shoe or recharge something or replace batteries etc….good way to not get lost I believe….also you can also bring 3-5 different colors and use one color per floor, assigning a color to a floor so you know which floor you are on….red could be bottom since it illuminates the least and if anyone comes in they might not see it. Instead of just tossing them wherever and not knowing which floor you're on…

    I'm not familiar with Asia so I have no idea what you should bring….you have to prepare for the climate you would be in so whatever is necessary….