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  1. The HP7 is a great flashlight. The first one I saw is one that my friend bought, but was the 251 lumen variant, which, I believe, is the one you used to have. I've only seen 251 and 360, but I could be wrong. I have the 360 that looks like yours, but it only has full power mode. I never looked at the package to see, before I threw it away. Sometimes, I wish it had modes, but I recently bought a cheap, possibly cree headlamp, rated at so many thousand lumens. You know, eBay. I was impressed with it, until I put a beam up on the wall with it, in a warehouse at my job. It was about 300 ft. I figured, just for the hell of it, I'll see what my HP7 looks like against it, even though, the batteries had been in it for a few days already and the 18650's in my headlamp were freshly charged. The HP7 totally trumped the headlamp. I've since gotten the Coast HL8 headlamp and the results are quite the opposite to the HP7, while it's packing 390 lumens and a slightly wider spot beam. You should definitely get one of those. I paid $64 on eBay.

  2. I have the coast hx5 and it a small comoact light that can be a compact flood light that lights uo the room like you said and then it zooms out and focusess for a light that can throgh real good

  3. I have the HP7 but, it has two issues 1: Light will stop working on it's own must take batteries out then re insert them into holder, 2: Light does not like to be bumped to hard or dropped .Light will not light after it's bump or drop once again Batteries must be removed and then re inserted. foe those reasons i give this light 3 1/2 Stars. Paid $ 24.95 Home Depot .