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  1. I've been eyeing head lamps, but i'm poor, so i'm NOT gonna blow $50 – $80+ on a friggin headlamp. What can u tell me about THIS headlamp at this point, which seems to be about 1 1/2 years?

  2. Wow years later and I just stumbled across this today in a store, I was hoping for something that had a better switch and mode setup. Its a pretty clumsy setup with the double, triple, quadruple tapping. Good luck using that with gloves on. I imagine myself searching for something in my tent and reaching up to change dimming and accidentally changing modes. Great review though. glad I seen it working so I could decide its not for me. I would have preferred big separate buttons for red and white and a single press scrolls to the next light mode. ramping by holding, not so piratical.

  3. got the 315 lumens i like it been then holding a flashlight hands free.

    I would use this to go trick r treating its almost halloween, I can use low mode incase it blind people or high mode to let cars know im not a dark person.

  4. I love the fact that this is so compact!ఠఠ>share4.photo/Streamlights?gh I work in construction and do automotive maintenance and the ability to clip it to my hat is awesome. I have light where I'm looking. And unlike Soooooo many others its re chargeable which means I dont have to go looking for batteries when the light goes out. I would recommend just getting two of them so you can charge one and use another.

  5. Yeah, you're here because you don't want to break the hinge bracket to put the batteries in or adjust it down. Yes, it will open by forcing it, but I never have done this. I always stick my EDC Buck knife in the little slot there and help it out, while prying up on the knife and pulling the hinge open. It always closes nice. Great light, remember to hold on your choice of lighting with the button to auto dim it down. Nice va-day-o…AVE