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  1. Ive
    just gotten it from putting the magnifying glass on the dried grass never needed to create a separate ember.

  2. great video man … prep work is quite key to fire making. Tips : having the light hit a flat surface is better for actually seeing the " hot dot"( pressing the tinder spot a little helps) As well, using tinder that is black as you can , decreases the time needed to get it going. Using black dirt to rub in the tinder or as other ppl have said a black dot from a marker works too. For most ppl char cloth is best as its both fairly flat and its black…

  3. OH SCREW THAT NONSENSE!!! Buy a couple bottles of Vaseline!!! Did you know Vaseline is waterproof, and it will burn hotter than you could believe? Better yet, buy a couple bottles of hand sanitizer, the big bottles. Just a dab and it will burn very very hot. Case closed.

  4. we all know there is an easier, fastest way…and with this method, you don't need to waist 8 minutes just to light up a fire..
    1) get 1 piace of paper
    2) cut them or rip them to 4 pieces
    3) get a black marker
    4) draw a big circle in one of the paper you just cut/ripped
    5) with a magnifying glass, concentrate the magnifying glass to that black circle,
    it'll start a smoke…and just keep doing that until theres a hole through the paper and after that fill it in with the other pieces of paper and use vaseline to make it stronger if u don't have vaseline just shake that smokey paper to get enough oxygen and it'll lit up a fire… 🙂 SIMPLE AS THAT!

  5. Yup- shake it for a while and then give it a little blow… then, I guess things will start to get hot..! 😅

  6. Your tinder must have a way higher flashpoint than dry leaves. My dumbass cousin and myself when we were eight, burned up a huge pile of leaves than caught half of our front lawn on fire. The ass whoopin of a lifetime and writing thirty half page paragraphs how we will never play with fire stopped us from ever trying that again. Here I find myself thirty seven years later looking up videos so I can teach my young son how to survive if shtf.