6 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Lumens Where To Order At 19:46

  1. A Maxpedition micro pocket organizer would serve you well. You can fit all of those small items. I encourage you to check it out! Cheers

  2. nice edc and pocket dump. I need to try the hydro gel. for some reason I always burn my self

  3. I'm pretty sure you're not allowed a locking blade in Ireland unless you have good reason. It's entirely down to the gardai's discretion there. (ROI here) a good farmers knife would probably be a better choice or even a fishing knife. My choice would be an opinel flip locking. They wouldnt bat an eyelid at a round handled locking blade like that especially if you have your fishing line and hook there like you shown 🙂 Maybe its different up there but hey.