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Hey everyone, Adam with Droi Media here, and
today we’re talking about TEN pieces of gear,
all for under $10, that you should have with
you on every single shoot.
(upbeat music) Whether you’re working on a
larger set as part of a big crew, you’re doing
one-man-band, run-and-gun, documentary work
but yourself, or you’re part of a smaller
crew on like a corporate shoot, we’ve all
had situations pop up where things didn’t
go quite right, and we needed a solution to
fix the problem.
Well today’s video is going to cover ten pieces
of gear that do just that.
These things are going to be lifesavers, and
more often than not timesavers, when problems
like that arise.
1: a lens rocket.
This little air blaster by Giottos is a lifesaver
for your lens.
It can be used to puff air and get dust or
particles off of your lens.
Plus, it’s just really cute.
2: a lens pen.
Now a good lens pen is worth its weight in
You should have a brush on one end that can
be used to brush your lens off and get dust
or particles off, and then the other end is
kind of like a firm sponge, and you should
be able to use that to get smudges or finger
prints off of your lens.
3: a good small flashlight.
Now small flashlights like this are invaluable.
Whether you’re filming in the dark or trying
to find something in a dark bag, you can never
have too many of these around.
I think I’ve got one in almost every single
bag that I own.
I really like this Coast brand, but there
are tons of options out there all for under
4: a d-ring tripod screw.
Now unlike a normal tripod screw you don’t
need any tools to attach this – you just flip
the little thing up and use your hand to tighten
Now I don’t regularly use these but they are
lifesavers on set if your normal tripod screw
goes missing, or you just forget a coin or
a screwdriver to attach it to your tripod.
5: 4-in-1 screwdriver.
Now this one I have from Stanley has two different
versions each of both a Philips and a flat-head
It’s not terribly sturdy so I don’t use it
on my tripod screws or anything like that,
but it’s SO handy and it’s so much quicker
than pulling out my multi-tool that I find
myself reaching for this one all the time
for quick little fixes.
6: an extra set of earbuds or headphones.
Now these things are so cheap that you should
have a couple in your kit.
I always bring a few extras.
There are few things as bad as being on a
shoot and not being able to monitor your audio.
7: Field Notes.
Now these things are really convenient to
have around.
I keep one with me at all times, I carry one
with me to shoots, and then I’ve got another
one that I just have sitting next to my bed.
So whether you want to doodle between takes,
you want to make notes about the project you’re
on, or you’re storyboarding out your next
concept, these things are great to have around.
8: pens, markers, something to write with.
Now I really like these G2 pens by Pilot,
but you can use whatever you like.
If you like the free pens that you get from
your local bank.
I also recommend not leaving home without
a Sharpie.
Just don’t do it.
These things are super handy, they’re so useful
in so many ways.
One of the things I like best are silver Sharpies
because they can be used to make notes on
black gaffer’s tape.
9: gaffer’s tape.
Now there are few things as iconic to filmmaking
and video production as gaffer’s tape.
Pick up a couple of rolls for under $10 and
keep with you at all times.
10: rechargeable AA batteries.
Now I rarely end up needing these but I never
go anywhere without a set of fully charged
or brand new AA batteries.
You never know when you’re going to need these.
You can put them in your electronics like
microphones and things like that, you can
put them in your flashlight, whatever.
Throw a pack in your bag.
11: clamps.
Bonus item!
Don’t ever go anywhere without clamps – you
can get tons of these in various sizes at
your big box home improvement store for less
than $10.
So there you have it, 11 things all under
$10 that you should have with you on every
single shoot.
Now if you’ve got any comments, questions,
or cool things that you like to carry on shoots
with you for under $10, leave them in the
comments below.
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Thank you so much for watching, and I will
see you in the next video! (upbeat music)
(creepy noises) Ah!

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  4. We bought a couple of screw/small part holders from a big box Home Improvement store.For us this is where we keep our batteries (Fully charged in one, and empty in the other) for the camera and AA. Tripod plates, knurl knobs extra cold shoes. Smaller accessories that could get lost in a bag.