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Well, this is the proposed
Jefferson State so California right now is considering dividing into a number of independent States
Now this has been proposed in the past and whether it actually comes to be or not who knows
But the important thing it is a reflection of the people there is historical
Precedent for this so it’ll be an interesting thing to follow and see what happens
So I just want to give a little shout out. I think that’s part of the fun for doing these videos. I got this hat
Jefferson state so that’s one of the many states proposed
People are thinking about dividing up, California
[I] think if I was living in the [people’s] [republic] of [California] right [now]
While beth and I have talked about this we probably would be in one of the Northern States
We’re very
Conservative, I think the liberal States are going to be in the south
But listen if you’re traveling through bedding stop by and visit the guys at the Chevron gas station
Seven Six five
cyprus you can get a hat and a t-shirt and support the
Well, Jefferson state

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Tactical Flashlight Made In Usa How To Shop

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  1. I remember talk of this when I was growing up, but it sounds like it might be gaining more traction now…

  2. I'm a big fan of Cascadia, with Jefferson being a border between California and Cascadia. My family lives in Jefferson, in Port Orford. It's a totally different culture there, and I completely support it's independence as a state.

  3. Welcome to our state. I am in Yreka and the talk now is about making Jefferson State a Territory it is a little easier to accomplish ..KK6KYX..(tech Class)

  4. Everyone in CA should be getting their voter information guide. Up for grabs, Governor! Lets all take a look at this and start spreading the word. At first glance, Robert Newman is looking good for me, No Party affiliated for one but research is needed of course. #californiaelections #nopartysystem

  5. There is a real lack of information in these comments so maybe I can help people understand Jefferson. Jefferson is about 2 things. The lack of representation and the dilution of our vote. When the California Constitution was ratified in 1879 they capped our representation at 80 Assembly Persons and 40 Senators. Our population was about 600,000. In 2016 our population has grown to nearly 40 million yet our representation is still capped at 120 representatives. This has severely diluted our vote 1 in 500,000 for the Assembly and 1 in a million for the senate. George Washington said 1 in 30,000 was liberty. 1 in 40,000 was tyranny. Furthermore in 1964 the Supreme court made a ruling in the Reynolds VS Sims case that forever changed how representation is apportioned. We apportion by population now. So as the urban areas continue to gain in population they have to take the representatives from other areas. This has left the 21 counties in Northern California that make up the proposed State of Jefferson with only 9 representatives while the rest of the state has 111. The US Constitution allows for the legal creation of a new state through Article 4 Section 3. To learn more please go to our official website at soj51.net or better yet attend a meeting.