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Hi everyone, welcome back to my kitchen today
We are going to concentrate on a new series that I’m going to be touching upon called roadtrip ready
you may know that Rick and I just recently took a
Road trip to visit his parents in Indiana and we drove from Eastern, North Carolina
To northern Indiana and it took us about a week to go visit and come back
We did not have this first aid kit in our car at the time and shame on us
But we’re gonna remedy that I’m going to show you how we construct this first aid kit
using recommendations from the Red Cross and
recommendations just from you Rick and myself because I think it’s always a good idea to
Remind people how to do this. So let’s go see how this first aid kit for your car all comes together
Alright so I’m gonna go over all of the items that we chose to put in our first aid kit and we’re gonna be keeping
This in the trunk of our car and it’s our family car
We also have a truck but the trunk of the car is probably where this is going to live now
I will start out by saying we purchased all of these items new today
We went to Walmart and we bought all these things except for a couple that I already had on hand
Which being 95 facemasks as well as these instant cold packs that I’ve had
for a long time in my first-aid storage
so those are things that you can you can add to or take away from and also I
Already have the rubber gloves on hand
So those are just things we had we’re gonna toss in here and you may add to or take away from depending on your needs
For your particular family or your particular situation?
one other thing that I wanted to say too is the first aid kit isn’t always just going to be for you if you
encounter an accident on the road if you
come upon a situation where someone requires help and
You’re waiting for
First responders to show up. It’s always a great idea to have something like this on hand to be able to help where you can
Always make sure that you have the knowledge to do that
So don’t let go moving someone who apparently has a neck injury because you may injure them further
And if you don’t have them have the knowledge and the know-how to use these things, maybe somebody else on the scene does
right, but don’t leave them make sure that you are there to help them comfort them and
Tend to them in the event that you don’t have the experience
but you can still provide moral support and
Comfort because we’re all in this together and if we don’t help each other then why are we really here?
Like it’s true. Absolutely
the first thing we went looking for was a container to put our first-aid kit in now again,
Depending on what you’re gonna put in yours will depend on the size that you need
I am one who decides that it’s always better to have one
That’s a little bit larger than you might need because you never know what you might be adding to the box
So we got one of these it was six dollars
It has a handle on the top
it’s easy to grab and pull out of your trunk and
use when you need to this is important to Rick and also I thought a tarp or a
Lightweight shower curtain, this is very inexpensive
These are about three dollars if you have to pull over on the side of the road and change a tire
or you’re having some problems and you need to get under your vehicle or
You need ground cover for some reason if you need to help someone who needs to lay flat on their back
This is a great thing to have on hand
Right you can use this as a poncho
Exactly. So that’s gonna go right in the bottom of my kit the next thing we have our
Disposable gloves. I have twelve pair here and I’ll show you how I prep them
there’s six pair in each of these sandwich bags and
I’m just gonna stick those in the box, but I wanted to show you how I prepared these
Laid these flat in pairs
The best that I could one on top of the other and then I kind of folded them down in half with the fingers
Down and then the thumb in and then I rolled it
like this
it kind of pulls all the air out of the inside and then I just put it inside the sandwich bag and
then when the sandwich bag was full I
Pressed all the air out of it nice shielding this way when you reach into the bag you’re pulling out a pair of gloves
Instead of fumbling through you know, if you just shoved 12 gloves in there
They’re all gonna tangle up together this way you just reach in and you have a pair of gloves
Next thing I have is some wet ones
You can easily put in some baby wipes if you’d like a packet of baby wipes
Which is larger and we always keep those in the car. Anyway, when we travel so this is just a little extra backup
These are actually antibacterial. So in the Box they go Kleenex again. This is something we keep in our glove box
I have them in my purse
These are just an extra backup because you never know when you’re gonna need them
Then I think we’ll go over the the wound care now. Walmart has made it very easy
This box was five dollars and nine eight cents and it has everything you need
for two-by-twos eight four by fours four rolls of gauze
and one roll of paper tape
It also has four two by three nonstick pads and four three by four
Nonstick pads in the box that goes I have some n95 face masks. And so this is safe for biohazard
So this is good if your if you come in contact with somebody who’s sick, and you don’t want to get sick
This will protect you we have some tools here
and we will put those I’m going to put those tools in a little plastic box just to keep them separated I have
the Red Cross list recommends an
Oral thermometer that is not glass and not mercury tweezers are important to have your first aid kit
Clippers no, not just for toenails
Okay, and this this little kit was the Clippers two tweezers this emery board and this orange stick
they all came in one package for ninety seven cents, and I’m gonna go ahead and put this in here as well because you never
You might have to start a fire so
You never know what in what situation you’re going to encounter. So just keep that in mind
That’s right, you just never know so it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it
this is a
Zinc oxide based sunscreen which is what is being recommended because it’s not full of chemicals
This is a baby sunscreen, which is good for everyone. If you get sunburn for some reason the aloe vera gel you could obviously
Well, that’s a good idea
I didn’t even think about that and
Molly wants me to let you guys know if you can find aloe vera gel without the green color
that’s probably your best bet because it’s pure aloe vera I
Got this because it was inexpensive and this is going to live in the trunk of my car. I
Got a bottle of 91% alcohol. This is good for
Sterilizing your hands those plastic gloves are not sanitary gloves. They’re just plastic gloves
so when you put those on if you need to treat someone you’re gonna want to rinse your
Gloved hands with this and that will sanitize them. We also got this awesome little spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide in it
This is awesome
If you have to tend to a scrape a cut or a wound, we also pick this up
But then I’m going to show you something else. This is a like a Deepwoods insect repellent
Which is a great thing to have on hand
But honestly I prefer this homemade version
This is made with all natural essential oils and witch hazel if you would like to see a video on how to make this
Molly and I will be so happy to do that for you leave a comment down below and we will
Fix up a video on how to make this awesome
Homemade essential oil all natural insect repellent that really worked and then I have a couple of ice packs
These are instant cold packs. These are the kind that you you kind of snap and then they get instantly cold
I have had these in my
First-aid storage for a very long time. They’re still good. I’m gonna keep those right in there
We have a flashlight. Make sure you have fresh batteries
Check this every six months or so
as far as the dates on all of these products all of the medicines that we bought which are over-the-counter are all dated for the
Year, 20 or 21?
We know that they’re good for about a year and you’re gonna want to go in there and make sure that you take care of
Them maybe go in in six months switch them out and make sure you use them if you you can
Incorporate those into your your home supply and that way they won’t go to waste
We also did get some q-tips cotton swabs. Those are great for applying topical ointments
Do not clean your ears out with these that is a big no-no and then we got some triple antibiotic cream
This is like neosporin everything you see here
I got for like eighty-eight cents or just over a dollar
Because I’m putting it in my car and I’m probably not going to use a whole lot of it
If any that’s the being honest, it’s being prepared. You want to make sure you have it so
Absolutely, and then have some hydrocortisone cream. This is an anti-aging
We have some allergy relief
this is like a benadryl you can use this in combination with the hydrocortisone cream again if you come in contact with
bug bites poison oak poison ivy gonna help reduce the itching or it’s going to help reduce your
sinus distress and this is a
Generic version of zyrtec then we have some gold bond powder because you know itchy parts of your body
these also
If you have gloves that are a little too small or you’re sweaty and you can’t get your hands in the gloves you can dust
Your gloves on the inside with this and make putting them on a little easier
these are anti diarrheal or imodium capsules and those are important because when you’re traveling
Some people are super sensitive to the changes in the water and what-have-you antacid tablets
You just never know when you’re gonna need these a little bit of hand sanitizer, even though we do keep it in the car
It’s always good to have it a little bit extra on hand. So we’re going to just kind of
Nestle that in there. We have a variety of different
over-the-counter medications three different pain relievers
I have an aspirin and ibuprofen and an acetaminophen
So we’ve got like Bayer motrin and Tylenol. Those are all going in there
And then we’ve got stomach relief. So we’ve got like a generic
Pepto-bismol capsule and we have a generic gas sex capsule
and now all you have to do is
Clamp the lid on and your first-aid kit is ready to go in your car and
Whoops, don’t forget your scissors
Put those right on top. So that is how you make a first aid kit for your car
I hope that you learned something. I hope that this was helpful
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so I hope that you will go and be encouraged to create a
First-aid kit for your car some soon because it’s so important and I hope you have a safe and wonderful summer
That is free from all kinds of horrible things. So I hope that you’ll stay tuned
I hope you’ll come back and visit us and until next time. I’ll see you

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